“COVID-19: The Second Wave & The Children”

“COVID-19” the disease, which doesn’t have a full stop, it’s been increasing & increasing since the last 1.5 years. “Covid-19” itself is a disastrous emotion, which has destroyed lakhs of innocent lives and families. India, being the second most populated country has experienced the beyond reproach mortality rate in these 1.5 years, it’s just heartbreaking to see the deterioration of the country in every aspect -economically, socially, the governance, the medical facilities and what not. Lakhs of innocent lives took their last breath due to covid, COVID-19 has taken many innocent lives, whether the person is the age of 24 or 49 or 80, COVID-19 took lives abruptly despite of the age in a very heartbreaking manner one could not have ever imagined. It’s been 1.5 years and till now, the daily cases hasn’t come to an average number, it’s just getting back and forth in the terms of cases per day, there’s no improvement since it all started in India. India being the second – most populated country has imposed so many versions of lockdown which has resulted in the social and economic deterioration at its peak. The “new normal” life with masks is becoming the reason for shortness of breath and innumerable problems for most of the people. It’s something an indescribable phase, that India has ever faced in its history till now.


The wave which has ended so many of families in just a night span.The second wave which has destroyed the future of young children’s and those aged parents who’ve lost all the hopes to even survive a single day. The second wave of covid in India was the most horrifying phase that India has ever imagined, where covid was just sweeping away the lives, and even the whole families in just a couple of minutes, the medical crises and the union and the state government clashes has become the most heart throbbing time for the nation. India has been hit by a huge second wave in terms of social, economic, the governance and in medical aspect. The second wave phase has witnessed for more than 4 lakh cases in just 24 hour period. The second wave was much larger than the first, with the shortages of vaccines, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, injections, medicines, hospitals and every resource that could save a life!? By late April, India was abruptly under a very disheartening crises in terms of economy, lack of governance and medical facilities. People were even dying on the roads, taking their last breath while standing in a queue in a hope that they might get a cylinder or a bed, sitting under the hot & humid atmosphere and trying their level best to not give up while taking oxygen. India was the first ever country to record 4 lakh + cases in a 24 hour- period. Not only the hospitals were flooded with the patients, even the crematoriums were full. The dead bodies were lying on the road, so many of dead bodies were lying outside the crematorium, at the homes and even in the ambulances. The dead bodies were lying on the death bed for even 4 days in the house, where no one was taking the dead body to the crematorium, even no one was touching, not even the son was touching his mother’s or father’s lifeless body” New Delhi, being the heart of India, has faced the tremendous deaths in just a night span in the second wave. Delhi being the only state surrounded by the working of government officials and bodies has faced the most as compared to the other states of India. Delhi was in a horrifying state at that time, even remembering those times in Delhi could give goosebumps to the Delhites.


The word “COVID” is not only a disastrous emotion but also a haunting emotion for most of the children. The children’s, who’ve lost one of their parent, or both of them in just a couple of days or just in a week. Children’s are the ones who are surviving the most, with an uncertain future and are now being termed as orphaned”,who’ve lost their mother and father in this second wave. Most of the children’s are left with no family members. Siblings, of the age 9 and 13 are left with no hopes. Those children’s who’ve lost their families are now in a search of jobs to earn even one time of a meal. Most of the children’s lost their fathers and women’s who’ve lost their husbands in just a blink, left with no hopes at all. Women’s who are left with their only children’s are now looking for jobs to even feed their kid and to earn a livelihood. For the women’s who haven’t done any jobs, who’ve zero knowledge of even stepping out of the house and to earn a single penny are now trying their level best to let their kids study and trying not to give up on their studies. Those children’s and adults who are in the age of learning something new & exploring the world are now finding jobs to survive. Second wave has destroyed families in just one blink. Young adults of the age 24 or 26 died in the second wave , and their aged parents who only had one child, has left with no hopes. Children’s getting orphaned in just a night span is so heartbreaking. Young girls who are willing to do studies and to explore the world, are now getting ready for their marriage in order to survive their lives. Young women at the age of 27 has become a widow with an uncertain future and no hope’s. This wave was a turning point, or you can say a new birth in every individuals life who has lost their young mother, father, siblings, children’s, adults. Homes has become just a building with only 1 person left, photos and videos has become the only way to see the glimpse of the deceased person, and the children’s and adults who had spark in their eyes to learn and explore something new are now just surviving by counting the days one by one and no hopes to move on from this tremendous loss they could ever had.

In a nutshell, COVID-19 has turned lives upside down in just a blink for most of the people who are left with no hopes at all and are just counting their days to end. Hope this pandemic has a full stop.

– SUKHMANI PANESAR (Current Events -2021)

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