Death note: is it worth watching anime

Death note a psychological thriller, mystery and supernatural thriller anime, many of us have listen or even watched this anime, but the question arises is it worth watching, so the answer is: A big Yes!!!

The writter of this oruginal manga is Tsugumi ohba, whereas it is directed by Tetsuri Araki. The writter of the anime is Toshiki Inoue. The anime has an interesting plot. Whereas the character are superb, Light yagami is a genius who find a mysterious book called death note which was throw down intentionally by Ryuk, a shinigami. Later the show marks the entry of L. Lawliet who’s a detective, he was called to areest kira who kills criminals intentionally. This kira first used the death note for good purpose to kill all the criminals but as stated when the thinking is not good so how can the act be slowly he started to kill all the innocents who came to his way, this way he was becoming more and more evil. Later, the show remarks the entry of Misa Amane, who is crazy for Light but he just uses her to fulfill his evil desires as Misa also has a death note. I won’t spoil the thrill but till now you all can understand how awesome this anime is.

This anime has two seasons and it only consist of 37 episodes. The first episode was aired on 3rd October,2006, whereas the last episode aired on 26 June,2007. One can watch this anime online and even read it’s manga which is super exciting. The characters, the plot, the screening and everything else is just fabulous. I have seen many anime but death note remains at the top of my list till now. This is super exciting and as the new character enters, it evens get more and more interesting.

Don’t just go on my words. Definitely do give it a watch and I promise you won’t regret. Hope you all liked my article.