Foods for getting awesome skin and hair

How do your skin glow so much? What are your secrets? How healthy your skin looks? What a beautiful and shiny hair? Do you all want to hear all these questions but how can you hear these question only if you have good skin and hair. So from today make it a habit to listen all these question and be sure to answer all. Here, I will share some foods for healthy skin and hair.

1) Green tea

Ever wondered why the people from Japan has beautiful and glowy skin and even their hair are also good but what is the secret? Yes, you thought right green tea is their secret. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and is great for skin. You just need to drink it twice and day and Tadaa! Results will soon be out.

2) spinach and carrot

Spinach and carrot are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for skin and hair as it stop ageing process and smooths the skin, clears up acne and gives even skin tone, it prevents hair breakage. So from this one can understand how important is this for skin and hair.

3) Omega-3

Omega-3 is very essential nutrient. It should be added daily in our diet. Rich source of omega-3 is roasted flaxseeds, walnuts and salmon fish to many more. Omega-3 has many benefits for skin and hair, it keeps skin hydrated, it reduces premature ageing, it also gives protection from sun, it control cardiovascular disease, it controls obesity, controls hair fall and many many more.

4) Vitamin C

Everyone knows the benefits of vitamin C for sure. It has great impact on whole body including skin, hair and overall health. Foods like broccoli, papaya, lemon are all rich in vitamin C. It has many benefits for skin and not only skin it benefits hair also. It improves the texture of skin, prevents discoloration, helps to heal wound faster, prevents from harmful UV rays of sun, boosts immunity which eventually leads to weight loss. It fights from dandruff, reduces hair fall, prevents greying of hair, prevents hair from many disorders and it has many more benefits.

5) Almonds

Special mention to almonds. What should I say about this superfood, it is really extremely beneficial in many ways. By just eating 5 Almonds a day will help your body to fight against cancer. It is rich in vitamin E which is excellent for hair, not only on hair it does miracle on skin too. It is just way to awesome. 10-12 almonds a day will boost memory and this is a real superfood. One must definitely add this in their diet.

These are real need for body. One should definitely add these in their daily diet. Hope you all like this article.