How Happy Relationships Affect a Person?

Relationship means the bondage of two people with honesty, trust and accountability.

Man cannot spend the whole life alone. He/She needs someone to fall back upon to express his/her opinion, heart’s talk and express the views discussing mutually. 

The relationship can happen with a guy, boy friend, girl friend, a family and the teacher. Each of them help the other built a little bit of trust, confidence, good saying for the self improvisation.

A Happy and productive relationship is very important for a positive vibration ongoing in life which in turn lead to a successful life  as can be thought of.  Robert Waldinger, Harvard professor and psychiatrist says secret to happiness and health has nothing to do with fame, money, or success.

“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

It is important that we always try our best to keep our relationship healthier to arrive happiness in our life which should be the vital goal in marching forward in life.

Now, let us analyze who are the people who can keep the relationship happier?

• All those people who are well connected socially tend to be happier, healthier and have long life.

• In relationship one should give preference to quality rather than quantity particularly in close relationship. Satisfaction in relationship speaks of future health.

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