Health has become a very trending topic and a matter of concern in this time of pandemic. Maintaining healthy lifestyle is becoming very difficult for people as they always end up developing unhealthy habits somehow. Health is very important for your personal growth and development and especially for the teenagers and adults who are busy eating unhealthy food and developing very bad habits which causes obesity. So, losing weight is very important to keep your body away from diseases and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Today I will tell you some very easy tips for maintaining your body and losing weight at home, don’t need to go to gym and have it’s membership. I am sure you will enjoy all the tips. So let’s start-


Make a routine of drinking a glass of hot water immediately after you wake up in the morning. This helps in your digestion and you will feel hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday in order to avoid dehydration. You can consume other liquids as well like lemon water, orange juice, Roohafza or any other liquid you like. This will be the first step in losing your weight.


Walking plays a very important role in losing weight. In the morning, you can go for a walk nearby your house or any part but if you don’t want to go anywhere you can just walk a few round on your terrace or lobby or any place of your house you like. It is very necessary to do a brisk walk after eating as it will help you to digest your food and level up your energy and you will see changes. Brisk walking is very important and you can do it in your home at whatever place you like and you just have to give it only half an hour.


Everyday do exercise for 40 minutes to one hour, after drinking hot water and getting fresh. This will help you to lose your calories. You can also do yoga, trust me it is way better than anything. It will make you lose weight so quick but if you don’t like to do it I can suggest you some exercises-

  1. Skipping rope
  2. Running in your terrace
  3. Cardio exercises
  4. Dancing on your favourite tunes
  5. Floor exercises

I also suggest you some very good apps to download from play store that will help you to lose weight and you can find exercises of your choice and will have fun. Apps are-

Male Fitness App for male and Female Fitness App for female. These are best apps to help you lose weight.


It is very important to look after your calories, how much you gaining and losing them in order to stay fit. After doing your exercise in the morning, eat your breakfast of high protein like you can eat fruits, drink juices, can have oats meal and boiled egg (only white). Avoid junk food and oily food as much as you can. This will only increase your weight as they have very much calories.


We generally hear this term everywhere. So what does it mean? A balanced diet is simply a proper mixture of all the nutrients of the food like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It means to have an adequate amount of meal at the right time. You can eat salads, dal and roti in your lunch to have a balanced diet and to lose weight. Avoid eating rice as it has most calories. Eat dry fruits and consume liquid in your evening snack. In dinner, you have to take a very light meal like a bowl of soup or some vegetable of your choice and next day, you will automatically see changes in your weight.


Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Don’t skip meals as it will result in overeating when you feel hungry. Take your meals time to time for losing your weight. Many people in order to lose their weight skip their meals and end up eating so much because of hunger they feel after and gradually gain their weight. This is not right at all. For losing weight, you should have to take your each meal timely.


Safe and sound sleep is very important to lose weight. You should at least sleep for 8 hours daily if you want to lose your weight. Most of the teenagers and adults don’t sleep properly at time and do not have proper amount of sleep as required, that’s why they end up gaining so much weight. Sleep is the important factor to lose weight.


If you want to lose weight, cut sugar first. The more you eat sugar, the more weight you will gain. Avoid sweets and high sugar foods because they have so much calories that will quickly increase your weight. Cut sugary foods from your diet.

These all tips will help you to lose your weight at home, don’t need to go to gym or anywhere , just follow these simple tips at your home.

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