” Put waste in the Right place ”

About non biodegradable waste

Non biodegradable waste substances are materials which do not degrade easily. As they are synthesized and do not occur naturally, degradation is impossible with these products. When they stay in ecosystem for a long period and do not decompose, they harm our environment 

Effects of non biodegradable waste

On land – non biodegradable waste cause wastage of the land. Some substances leak into the environment and cause trouble to living beings.

On marine life – non biodegradable waste like plastic containers cause health issues to fish and other living beings in water.

Some Examples for non biodegradable waste

Glass,metals, electronic devices, computers parts,batteries, medical waste, plastic bags,plastic bottles, tetra parts, toxic chemicals, tyres,and carbon paper  are few examples of non biodegradable waste.

When you refuse to reuse,

It’s the earth you abuse.

Non biodegradable waste  harmful for environmental?

The microorganisms that break down can cause disease and produce harmful gase. Because they don’t break down easily, if not Disposed of properly, non biodegradable waste can cause pollution, block drains and harm animals.

What can I do with non recyclable waste?

Waste that can’t recycled or isn’t biodegradable can be used as fuel  in EFW ( energy from waste). These facilities burn waste,the process produces steam which is used to make electricity by powering a steam turbin. That turbin is turn generates heat for local businesses and homes.

Which fiber are non biodegradable waste?

Nylon Fibre is non biodegradable as it is synthetic fiber.

Refuse what you do not need;

reduce what you do need ; reuse what you consume; recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse; and rot (compost) the rest.

~Bea Johnson

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