Olympic game

Olympic game is held on every four year. Many participants will be participate in the Olympic game. This game is held on between summer and winter season every four years. This is the word’s largest game. Different countries participate in this Olympic game. Around 200 nations take part in this Olympic game. The first Olympic game is played in 1920.

Symbols of Olympic game

In Olympic game the flag is used in which five different colours ring and each ring is connected to each other. Five ring denotes the five countries and the connection of this ring represents the unity between them. The countries are America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. The different colour represents the one colour of each country’s flag. The five ring are over the white colour. The name of this flag is given Olympic flag. The colours of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red. The flag is adopted in 1914 but first time it is flown on 1st summer Olympic game at 1920 in Antwerp Belgium.

Olympic flag


Around 200 nation take part in Olympic game. In which only three athletes are selected from each game. First winner got gold medal, second winner get silver medal and third winner get bronze medal.

2021 Olympic game

The Olympic game is sedule on 2020 but due to covid this is postponed in held on 2021. The 2021 Olympic game is held on Tokyo.

Winner of 2021 Olympic

Niraj Chopra won gold medal 🥇in Javelin throw.

Ravi kumar Dahiya won silver medal in wristling (54kg).

Meera bai Chanu won silver medal in weight lifting (49kg women).

Pv Sindhu won bronze medal 🥉 in Women’s Singles Badminton.

Lovlina Borgohain won bronze medal 🥉in Women’s Welterweight Boxing.

Indian Hockey Team won bronze medal in hockey.

Bajarang Punia won bronze medal in Wrestling (65 Kg).

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