Intermittent fasting is when you give your body extended. Without food to kick start the process of ketosis where fat is broken down and used for energy rather than carbs has become hugely popular Starter by consuming your food in a 12-hour window and fasting that I serve the time once you’ve gotten used to that move on to attend our period of eating. Mounting evidence shows that it is better if you finish your evening and meal earlier rather than having a late meal skipping breakfast and then fasting until lunchtime you should try and stop eating by 8:00 PM and then not eat everything again with calories before breakfast the next day if you’re fasting for 12 hours you can have breakfast at 8:00 AM. In case you might want to have something like a meal-replacement shake for breakfast which might be more convenient if you are at work if you release pushing it towards eating all your food in eight hours then you probably aim for something like skipping breakfast altogether and having lunch around noon or 1:00 PM but importantly consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. Start the day with eggs boiled poached scrambled or as an omelet they keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to cereal or toast delicious with greens and parmesan or smoked salmon eating plenty of protein is an important part of the Mediterranean diet as a way of eating that is a high in vegetable fruits legumes nuts beans cereals grains fish unsaturated fats such as all a fact it usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods many experts say that a Mediterranean diet has been linked with good health including a healthier heart.

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