When things don’t go as planned!

“Most things don’t go as we planned it to be, but it’s within our hands to make the best out of all the situations that we face!” It’s the most common dilemma when you are a 12th-grade student and start dreaming of a particular kind of future for yourself, but then you end up in a strange and unfamiliar place. But that may turn out to be better than what you had planned earlier, or, maybe not, you never know until it happens!

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Life isn’t always sugar and cupcakes

Speaking from my own experience, I was purely a NEET aspirant, dreamt of being a doctor from a very young age, but ended up in the field of engineering, in which neither I had any interest nor did I possess such good skills. I was completely unfamiliar with the setting and felt like an alien here. I remember feeling so strange yet somehow welcoming.

In the beginning, I thought I would regret joining this field, because it’s the era of technology and clever people, and I felt so inferior because firstly, I had zero knowledge of coding, and, secondly I was pretty weak at math. Also, it was hard to understand all the basics, without any foundation.

But over the period of one year, not just the field of computer science but also people who I fondly call my good friends now grew over me! They became my strength, lifted me up when I thought about quitting. They encouraged me to great lengths. “Finding good friends is hard but finding true friends is rare like a diamond!” At least I was lucky in that department!

What would you do when things go out of hand?

  • When you accept the situation and fight for, rather than against it, you can see the change in yourself. When you embrace your flaws and work towards them, is the time when you actually grow as a person! So rather than running away, Why not stick around and fight for it? You may find that the end result is much better than what to had earlier planned.
  • Do not regret any of your choices, you only get one life to live, so why live in regret? When you can go with the flow and see what life has in store for you!
  • Give your best, in the end, it’s your happiness that matters the most. Who would have thought I, who loved biology with all my heart would end up in computer science engineering and actually fall for it too? Never restrict yourself, explore what you can have and maybe it grows on you too!
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YOU are in charge of your life!

Always remember it’s these backlashes that make you stronger, braver and boosts your confidence. Just like antibodies, as it stands upright with full arm force, if the disease-causing pathogen that once caused havoc in your body dares to enter again, it’s the antibodies who will be the first to strike this time! Why? because it is prepared for what’s to happen next! and it wins!

So failures, small backlashes are all but a part of life, and know that, everything that happens is for a reason, that is to prepare you for the worst because the next time you will be expecting it and it will be you, who will be the first to strike!

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