Books for self development

Self development is not just a hobby it’s a necessity now. Nowadays, the life is hectic, everyone has their own tension, stress, anxiety and what not. So, for all this it is necessary to achieve self development and self improvement is also utmost necessary . All these can be achieved by books. Yes, books are man’s best friend. So today here we are going to talk about books that are beneficial for self development.

1) Atomic habits

2) The Secret

3) The Magic

4) Think like a monkth

5) Ikigai

6) You can heal your life

7) No Excuses

8) Power of subconscious mind

9) Good vibes Good life

10) The hating game

11) Why not me

12) Dairy of a young girl

13) Man’s search for meaning

14) The secrets of divine love

15) Life’s amazing secrets

16) A field guide to happiness

17) How to eat a frog

18) The reframe

19) Years of yes

20) Mindset

21) Everything is fucket

22) Goals

23) The book thief

24) Thousand splendid sun

25) Peaks and valleys

26) Secret letter

27) Palace of illusions

28) How to be your own best friend

29) The best thing about you is you

30) License to live

31) Who will cry when you die

32) Girls burn brighter

33) Impact and legacy

34) Quiet power

35) The honest truth

36) Unfinished

37) How to win friends and influence people

38) What I know for sure?

39) Maybe you should talk to someone

40) Like a flowing river

41) Think and grow rich

These are the 41 books for self improvement which definitely works. You should try these atleast once and you will fall in love with these books. Hope you’ll like my blog