Casual racism against Indians

If you are an Indian and living in foreign country, it is a sure fact that you must have encountered several off handed remarks or cultural inappropriate jokes atleast once in a while.

Racism isn’t just racial profiling based on the color of skin. It’s so deeply rooted in the minds of masses that even we as Indians tend to brush off those remarks and not consider the underlying implications of it. Some people may even call it as offensive stereotyping but let’s be real and call it for what it is; Casual racism.

The most common one an Indian hears is the mockery of the accent. A lot of foreigners tend to think that thick southern accent which only a handful amount of people sport now is what every Indian uses. It’s a gross generalization and making fun of someone based on their ethnicity and nationality is not what humor is about. Even if someone do tend to have that accent, you have no right to make a mockery out of it. More often than not it’s usually the people who are monolingual who do it and it’s ironic considering they make fun of someone who speaks atleast two languages.

Some people even have this preconceived notion that child marriages are common in India. Yes, it maybe a thing in backward traditional driven villages of Rajasthan and other west coast state but it’s certainly not a widespread phenomenon.

And then there’s the famous stereotyping of Indians being huge nerds and only caring about the grades. While yes, maybe their intentions are harmless but it’s harmful typecasting which reduces Indians to just their academic excellence hence ignoring all the other qualities about them. Indians are more than just their brains and let’s be real most of them don’t even like studying and would rather partake in a leisurely activity.

There was a discourse on Twitter recently where an American Indian mentioned how one of their classmate in school days once asked them whether they used to use elephants and camels to travel. Yes, you heard it right. Next thing you know they would be asking you whether you still live in mud houses. There are already some who seem to think that we still study under the lamps or study outside under a Banyan tree.

It doesn’t take much to use the internet and google instead of continuing to be such an uninformed and insensitive jerk. It is twenty first century and everyone have advanced. Indians are not stuck in the olden times so why do they still get asked questions pertaining to that?

Who are you to find ‘eating with hand’ gross when most of the white people don’t even use bidet and simply use tissue paper? We are keen to learn about other cultures and evolve but it seems like some Western people refuse to do so.

In age of Globalization if you aren’t willing to get on with times and let go of this culture inappropriate behavior then you can not progress.

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