Earphones and it’s 5 Disadvantages

Got your earphones plugged in for too long? In our daily lives, music has been like a constant companion; from morning jog, to commuting to work, music stays by our side, through ‘earphones.’ Many individuals nowadays use headphones to listen to music and watch videos on their computers and laptops. Earphones are small loudspeakers worn over the ear to listen to the radio, talk on the phone, or listen to music. Earphones transform electrical signals into audible signals in the ear. Whatever earphones you choose, there are numerous hearing-related drawbacks. Earphones can impair your hearing ability after a specific period of time or at a given age. We’ll go through some of the drawbacks of wearing earbuds in this article.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

1. Hearing Loss: Listening to loud music is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Listening to music at levels higher than 90 dB can cause temporary hearing loss. This frequency range has the potential to induce permanent hearing loss. We should be aware of all the issues that earbuds caused us before we went deaf. People who listen to music at high volumes (over 90 decibels) and wear earbuds for long periods of time may have temporary hearing loss. The DB scale is a volume measurement scale; 85 dB is deemed safe for our ears.

2. Pain in Ear: People who wear earphones or headphones may get ear ache. They may complain of a peculiar buzzing sound inside their ears or a sharp ache in a specific area of the ear. The problem arises primarily as a result of long-term use of headphones. It can also be caused by listening to loud music.

3. Ear Infections: Some folks lend their earphones to others. Bacteria from various people’s ears can readily pass via your headphones. As a result, they may be susceptible to ear infections. If you share or borrow headphones, you risk transferring bacteria to your ears. This can result in serious ear infections. Sanitize headphones by wiping them down with a tissue paper before plugging them in. If you wear earbuds for more than 8 hours a day, you should be aware that it is steadily hurting your ears and can result in tinnitus, ear infection, and even hearing issues.

4. Effects on Brain: Electromagnetic waves are produced by the earbuds, which can affect your brain. However, there is currently no strong medical evidence to support the negative effects. People who use earphones on a regular basis are likely to have negative impacts on their brain. A little infection in the inner ear can have a direct impact on the brain, resulting in major health problems.

5. Numb Ears: Many people spend their days wearing earphones or headphones. According to a recent study, their hearing talents become numb for a short time before returning to normal. You had temporary numbness in your ear as a result of wearing headphones for long periods of time, which eventually led to deafness.

Hence, to protect our ears we need to keep these necessary pointers in mind:

– Stop using earphones for hours.

– Stop sharing earphones.

– Always clean your earphones before you wear them. – Always keep your volume low.