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The ambrosial food of India has always fascinated everyone be it people from India or outside India. Indian food is the richest amongst the various cuisines of the world. Rather than having a fixed specialty, Indian food is concentrated towards region. Indian food carries the day with not only its piquant food but also for the style involved in its cooking. Food of India is known for its spiciness and rich flavor. It is believed that more the spices used in food, better its taste is going to be. Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, cloves, asafetida, nutmeg and many more are amongst the popular Indian spices that are also known as ‘Khada Masalas’.

Food of Madhya Pradesh is amongst the favorite on the charts of food lovers and food connoisseurs. Popular delicacies of Madhya Pradesh include an array of vegetarian, non vegetarian and lip smacking desserts. The USP of the food of this incredible state is the generous use of Indian spices, condiments and oils. Though cuisines of M.P. has influences from its neighboring states, the people of this state have added a distinct taste to each of the dish with their cooking prowess. The most popular delicacy amongst the food of M.P. is “bhutte ki kees”. This scrumptious dish is made in corn and milk. The other popular delicacies include “chakki ki shaak”, “mawa baati”, “khoprapak”, “malpua” and many more.

While talking about the food of Madhya Pradesh, how can we not talk about the sumptuous food of “Bundelkhand.” People of this region are impeccable at hospitality and food. If you will refuse to eat anything out of the dishes being served, you will notice people fussing all over you, pressing and serving you alternative dishes. That is considered to be the perfect “Mehmaan-nawazi” . Bundelkhand is famous for its succulent and juicy kebabs. Another very popular delicacy of the region includes “Bundeli Ghost”
that is served with rice or ‘makai roti’. The food of Bundelkhand has been acclaimed nationally by Mr. Vinod Dua in his show “Zaayka India Ka”. The food of Bundelkhand is also described a “a perfect tribal food experience”. Other famous and heavenly dishes of this region include “Kunde ka bhatta”, “tapu”, “Murar ka kebab”.

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And when we talk about the food of Orchaa, Amar Mahal needs a special attention because of its special food. Amar Mahal probably serves the best food of Bundelkhand. This has been proven when one of the best food critic and host of the popular tv show “Zaayka  India Ka” came to Amar Mahal and tried all the succulent Bundelkhandi dishes and he was blown away by the ambrosial taste of the delicacies.

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Haven’t all these tempting dishes titillated your senses. Don’t trickle the saliva in your mouth, and simply come on over to this small and incredible region to have an exceptional and enchanting “Tribal Cuisine experience.”

Some Mughlai restaurants in Madhya Pradesh

We all know how much the City of Nawabs loves poha-jalebi and namak wali chai but that is not all it has to offer. The capital city Bhopal has some intricate non veg dishes which the locals savor with immense delight. Bhopali non-veg cuisines are mostly influenced by Mughlai culture due to its rich history and external influences. Malwa region was one of the major trading hubs in 16th century which is the reason why the food here has a heavy Mughal influence. The passion for food runs deep in the veins of bhopalis and they are bound to lure you into their food spells. The food has an amazing blend of spices and has a local flavour which makes it taste like home cooked food. From spicy Handi mutton to juicy korma to tangy achaar gosht to amazing Mughlai chicken that has an aromatic twist to it, you name it and bhopalis will tend to your taste buds and prepare the most satisfying non vegetarian fare. The chatori gali located amidst beautiful Mughal architecture in the dusty suburban area of old Bhopal is your go to place for the best chicken and mutton preparations and you can savor them till your heart’s content.

Here are some of the best restaurants that serve the most amazing non-vegetarian dishes in Bhopal.

1. Filfora

Located in koh-e-fiza, this restaurant was started by a muslim family and it has some finger-licking-good dishes like Fish Tikka, Malai Chicken Tikka and Mixed BBQ Platter to name a few. The most special dishes here are mutton korma and mutton rogan josh that are highly recommended to all the people who love mutton. Apart from that you can also get a lot of other chicken items that will not disappoint like keema pulav and korma. The specialty of these dishes is that the family who owns the restaurant has their own delicate way of preparing these dishes which adds to its unique taste.

2. Hakeem’s

It started off as a small corner shop and now has two big restaurants in MP Nagar and 10. No stop that are every bhopali’s favourite place. Hakeem has such a wide range of non-veg items on the menu that it’s impossible to try everything even if you spend a whole day there. Their most special dishes include Fish Dragon and Mutton Biryani, the latter is served with the famous rumali roti and side dips. Other delicious things on the menu include Chicken Manchurian, Mutton Kofta, Mutton Kolahpuri and obviously Chicken Biryani. Another special here is mutton kadai which is full of aromatic flavours and is not very spicy on the palate. This is also served with rumali rotis and appetizers.

3. Jehan Numa Palace

The Shahnama restaurant at Jehan Numa Palace, a royal heritage hotel in Bhopal, is known for its non veg food, the grandeur and the ambience. The buffet here is to die for – it’s got superb options from Mughlai chicken to eggs, bacon and non-veg biryani. They have so much variety with amazing quality and taste that you will probably get confused what to order first. Another specialty of this place is its Achari gosht that is prepared using a lot of pickles and is spicier than usual. This is yours go-to place if you want to dine in style and enjoy some of the most royal non-veg specialties of Bhopal.

4. Zam Zam

Located in the busy congested area of old Bhopal, behind Bhopal talkies, this place is the meeting point of workers, students, businessman, women going home after shopping and literally everyone around the area hungry for some delicious chicken. It has one more branch in the peer gate area and is amongst the finest and best in Bhopal. The chicken tastes simple, yet divine and is very affordable. Chicken Tikka, Chicken Shammi Kebab, Boneless Chilli Chicken are some of the popular here and you will regret if you don’t get your hands full of them.

Another authentic dish that you can find all over town is bhopali gosht korma which is a great recipe that belongs to Bhopal’s Nawabi cuisine. Mutton chunks are doused in a rich and spicy gravy seasoned with whole spices and they are an absolute delight.

We are sure your taste buds must be curious by now and you are as eager as us, to try quite literally everything on all the menus! Bhopal has extensive and delicious dishes that you need to try at least once in a lifetime. Let us know your favourite ones in the comment section down below.


There is a lot on offer if you have an inclination towards non vegetarian stuffing but for that you will have to travel to the capital of the state as BHOPAL find it’s roots in the mughal dynasty and mughals were impeccable when it came to warfare as well as the cuisines served.The ghost and the kebabs are poupular dishes that are profound in non veg restaurant and HAKEEM is one of the famous chains in ths city.AL-BEIK is another famous joint and serves all kinds of lip smacking and grilled kebabs.If you hit the city and have a polarity for unvegetarian stuff these plces will leave you spellbound.

There is so much elaborate but words fall modicum to describe the culinary extravaganza the state has on offer but apart from the prominent list that I have created like there are may more recipies that are still considered and consumed heavily and with grace in the state and these are RATLAMI and INDORI NAMKEENs, PANI PURI, LAVANG LATA,KHASTA KACHORI,IMARTI (M.P’s SISTER OF JALEBI).

One that will leave you wanting more.The cuisines have various influences owing to its cultural and historical legacy. In Bundelkhand the cuisine is not just influenced by historic rulers and their preferences but also by geographical and climate conditions. However, what is truly unique to this region is the famed Bhundeli hospitality. Influenced by the Mughals, the Rajputs and Tribals, delectable dishes such as the Murar Ke Kebabs, Kodu Til Ka Baat (rice with black sesame) and the Bhundeli Ghost are sure to leave you completely satisfied.The Mahalkhoshal Cuisine shares a similar culinary journey. Situated in the upper eastern valley of the Narmada, it’s influenced by Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharashtrian and a tribal style of cooking. However, it has evolved with time to suit modern taste while retaining much of its authenticity. Just sample some favourites such as the traditional Tikkis. Or, indulge in some hot Gulab Jamun. And, if that’s not enough then the Meva Bati should do the trick.However, if you’re a meat lover then you need to savour some food from Bhopal. Popularly referred to as “Meat Lovers Paradise”; the Sheek Kebab made of mince lamb, fresh mint, curry paste, green chillies etc., the Keema Pulav, the Chicken or Mutton pilaf are just what you need. However, what is sure to steal the spotlight is the “Bhopaali Paan.” The cuisine is dominated both by Muslim and Hindu styles of cooking. Each dish has been perfected for years together now.The Guptas, Sindhias and the Mughals ruled Gwalior for centuries. Then came the British. And all of these four distinct empires had four completely different cultures. And Gwalior imbibed all of these with time. A bite of the delicious Gwalia kebabs will set your taste buds jumping for more. Alongside this stands the tempting rogan josh, made the Gwalior way. Another ‘must-have’ of this city is the Gwalior biryani. This mouth-watering and filling preparation can be found across the city. The distinct Malwa cuisine, the Nimar cuisine or the Bagelkhand cuisine, Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer. Be it Rass Kheer, Lapsi, Kalakand, Lavang Latika, Palak Puri, Bhutte Ki Khees (grated corn roasted in ghee and later cooked in milk with spices). Amli Ri Kadhi made with tamarind instead of yogurt, Khoprapak and Malpua; there’s so much to try out, that one visit just won’t be enough. While the majestic monuments might hint at what it must have felt to be a king, it is the food that will truly transport you into a bygone era.Sampling the local cuisine of a destination is as important an experience as taking in the local sights. The state of Madhya Pradesh, however, does not really have a cuisine of its own. The culinary traditions of MP are largely influenced by the cuisines of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan – all states that share a border with it. Gourmands need not worry though, since the result is an eclectic mix of contrasting tastes and flavours that does not disappoint.MP is the second largest state in India, and the eating habits of its citizens vary greatly. While the northern and western parts of the state focus on meat and wheat, the southern and eastern regions have rice and fish as a part of the staple diet.The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, has a strong Muslim influence, as evinced by the abundance of non-vegetarian food on offer. Visitors can savour flavour-packed dishes such as biryani, korma, keema, kebabs and much more. A visit to this city is also incomplete if you miss out on Bhopali paan.