Future Entrepreneurs, here are the books that are must to read

Books are utmost necessary for developing oneself. Books are basically based on many genera, which anyone can read. Reading is a habit that will eventually lead you towards a successful life. Here, we are going to talk about books which every person who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur should read.

1) The lean startup by Eric Ries

This book can be bought on Amazon for 199 INR and on Flipkart you can buy it for 154 INR.

2) Built to sell by John warrillow

This book can be bought on Amazon for 439.85 INR and on filpkart it can be bought for 384 INR.

3) Zero to one by Peter Thiel

You can buy this book for 350 INR and 159 INR on Amazon and Flipkart respectively.

4) Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

This can be bought on Amazon or Flipkart for 454 INR.

5) Money master the game by Tony Robbins

It is available on both Amazon and Flipkart for a price of 307 INR and 349 INR respectively.

6) One up on wall Street by Peter Lynch

It is available for 419 INR on Amazon and for 249 INR on Flipkart.

These are the books that are must read for future entrepreneurs. Hope you’ll like it.