Interesting stories about chittu kuruvi ( Sparrow Bird)

Information of sparrows

They are small passerine birds which belong to the family passeridae. They are also Known as old-world sparrows. Sparrows often make their nests near houses or buildings. This means they are one of the easiest birds to see in the wild.

Special about sparrows

Sparrows have beautiful voices and their chirping and singing can be heard all over. Other unique characteristics are their smooth, round heads,and rounded wings. Males have reddish feathers on their backs and females are brown and striped.

Why sparrows are important?

Although primarily seed eaters, sparrows also feed on small insects and worms such as caterpillars,beetles, and aphinds…..sparrows keep their population in check, otherwise the insects would have eaten certain plant species to extinction. Here also sparrows play an important role in preserving the ecosystem.

What are sparrows a symbol of?

The sparrow symbolism means power, creativity, community,simplicity and empowerment. Sparrow bird meaning and interpretations are also positive, such as friendly, caring, persistent and productive,which show you the power of sparrow medicine.

Are sparrows intelligent?

House sparrows are persistent, resourceful and intelligent. The brain usually accounts for about 4.3% of the body weight of sparrows, which is considerable more than those of other birds.

How long sparrows can live?

House sparrow : 3 years

Eurasian tree sparrow : 3 years Some Nickname of sparrow

Some Nickname of sparrow

Spyng , spurdie, chummy , craff, housie, row-dow.

Colour of sparrow eggs

White- light grey eggs with grey-brown markings.

Look at the sparrows; they do not

know what they will do in the next

moment. Let us literally live from

moment to moment.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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