Know your body type: Endomorph


In simple words, endomorphs are fat guys. They will have soft and round body with high levels of fat. High levels of fat leads to lack of muscle tone which is pretty visible in endomorphs. Also they are short and stocky which adds makes them look more heavier. Endomorph’s limbs are thick and solid in appearance.

Another physical trait is that they gain weight very easily, so they don’t have comfort of eating whatever they want and not gaining weight like ectomorph. Even if they go off their diet only for few days, they will gain considerable amount of fat. Endomorphs tend to store fat in their various body parts like hips and thighs in case of female and lower back in case of male. They find it very difficult to lose fat even after hard dieting. Slow metabolism is the main reason why endomorphs struggle in loosing weight. Endomorphs tends to have lower endurance and face difficulty in sticking to the workout routine just like ectomorphs.


One of the biggest advantage of being an endomorph is that they are naturally stronger due to higher body weight and more muscle mass. Also they can get more stronger with resistance and weightlifting.

Due to their natural strength endomorphs can gain muscles quickly. They have large frame with dense bones which leads to more potential to hold weights. Endomorphs also have fast twitch muscle fibers which are ideal for explosive movements, strength and muscle growth.

Also endomorphs can change their physique faster than other two body type. As higher body fat % means more total fat mass which means faster the rate at which you can lose it.


As endomorphs have slow metabolism, excess calories are more likely going to be stored as fat. Means they will gain weight really quickly. Worst part is that losing this weight is a really difficult which requires constant dedication and dieting.

Diet plan

Endomorphs need to keep tighter watch on calories, means they have to eat less and create calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is opposite of calorie surplus, it means endomorphs have to take less calories then their calorie requirement. For example, if your calorie requirement is 2500 calories than take 2000 calories.

Endomorph is very sensitive towards carbs and sugar, so they have to cut their carbs and sugar intake in order to achieve dream body. Endomorphs should focus on food which have high protein, good fat and low carbs. For example, eggs, low fat milk, almonds, walnuts, lean meat , cheese etc.

To fulfill the carbs requirement of body, endomorphs should eat food which have complex carbs like whole grains, vegetable, fruits etc. Cut down the intake of refined carbs like white bread, pasts, candies, sweets , soft drinks, fried food etc.

Workout plan

Workout has same significance in maintaining body weight. Unlike ectomorphs, endomorphs should focus more on cardio exercises. Cardio exercises like running , cycling help in burning excess calories and help in creating calorie deficit. They should include both high intensity interval training and steady state training.

Strength training is also an vital part of endomorphic body type which assist them in gaining muscles, burning fat and calories. As discussed earlier endomorphs have stronger frame than other two body type which will help in gaining muscles quickly.

Endomorphs tends to gain weight easily and face difficulty in losing it. But maintaining weight is possible with low carb diet and physical activeness.

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