Know your body type: Mesomorph


Mesomorphs have perfect body. They are very sporty and athletically build. They have natural muscular look and excellent physical abilities. They have very lean figure than clearly defines their muscle groups.

Mesomorphs have more weight than an average person but they also have ability to turn extra weight into muscle mass quickly unlike endomorphs. They also have fast metabolism which give them advantage of eating whatever they want. Even if they gain weight, they can easily take it off by going to gym a few times a week. Their body is well defined with broad shoulders and narrow waist.

They are naturally stronger and can get more stronger by weight training. They have very small amount body fat and high amount of muscle mass, which adds to their muscular appearance. They have naturally large muscles and strong legs, due to which they can cardio performance is better than other two body types.


Mesomorphs have advantages of both ectomorphs and endomorphs. They don’t need calorie deficit or surplus to control their body weight. They can add muscles faster than other two types. They can also lose or gain weight really fast. Their strong muscles help them in gaining more muscles at a quick pace.

Individuals of this body type performs excellent in bodybuilding and other power sports.


It shouldn’t surprise you that mesomorph body type have no big disadvantage. This is dream body type of rest of two body type individuals. So apparently there’s no disadvantage of being a mesomorph.

Diet plan

As mesomorphs have more muscles than fat, their calorie requirement are more than others to maintain that weight. While other body type need diet with equal proportion of carbs, fat and protein, mesomorph responds well to high protein diet.

Intake of small amount of protein in every meal helps in muscle building and repair. Sources of protein are beans, high protein dairy, eggs, chicken, fish and protein powder.

Carbs are also crucial for mesomorphic body type. Mesomorphs can use different type of green vegetable and fruits like orange, apples, barries, green beans sweet potato etc. to complete their carbs requirement. You can even have carbs in the form of grains which include brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal. As far as fat is concerned, take healthy fat in the form of nuts and seeds like cashew, almonds, sunflower seeds, olive oil and coconut oil.

Workout plan

To maintain mesomorphic body type, one must follow a consistent exercise session. They can mix both weight training and cardio in their workout schedule. They have higher % of twitch muscle fibers which helps them in gaining muscles quickly.

People falling under this category can include 30-45 minutes of cardio training for 3-5 times a week. Include cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming etc. into your workout schedule.

As they are naturally strong, weight training is easy for mesomorphs in comparison to other body types. They can lift moderate to heavy weight 4-5 days a week.

Although mesomorphic body type is best, it is highly necessary for mesomorphs to not take their body type for granted. They should also follow proper diet plan and workout plan like other body type individuals.

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