Childhood is the only time when kids enjoy imagining the world beyond reality. Toys help them in providing this joy. Toys can also be used to promote experimental learning in interesting ways. They are useful in learning mathematics ,alphabets as well as science.
By 3 years of age, children start to understand that body, mind and emotions are their own. Now they can answer simple questions and speak in sentences of five to six words. This is the time when they actually start learning. Children are curious, and their job is to ask questions about the world around them. It is our responsibility to help them. BUT HOW?

We can help our children by just giving few educational toys. there are plenty of fun ways to engage children while boosting their development. Some toys are designed specifically to build certain skills. These kind of toys are bright and colorful with shapes that allow your little to explore while having fun. The best toys for toddlers are also made from safe materials, these are safe for your child to play with . here are two types of toys which can help your child learning while having fun.

  1. Play with clay and its tools- clay dough has educational benefits for kids. Lets check how it is going to improve your child’s skills.we can molded into an endless number of forms. We all makes mistake while learning something new. sometimes these mistakes can discourage, especially if they are hard to erase .but when it comes to working with clay, your child can easily correct the mistakes.
    playing with clay improves motor skills. In one reaserch it found that having fine motor skill in pre-school is a strong predictor of a child’s later academic achievement in reading.
    It teaches creativity. Children can explore making different objects through clay modeling with even a small amount of clay.
    Clay can also e used as a tool for teaching different subjects to your child. For example- one can mould numbers and alphabet to get better at numeracy and literacy.
    Here are some activities you can try out with your chil.
    a) Can mould a cake-

b) Numbers and alphabets-

c) Rain cloud sun-

  1. Alphabet construction toys- The wooden construction toys are a great for introducing the letters of the alphabet, reading and writing in a fun way to a toddler or preschooler. Give your child a head start on learning their ABC’s and numbers.
    It is a great alternative to the handwriting and flashcards. Help child to solve problem on his own. It’s nice to have an old school kind of toy without something that needs to be charged or take batteries.

a) Easy assembly: As these toys are specially design for kids, Assembly is very easy.

b) Skill development: while assembling children can learn alphabet, and develop fine motor skills.

c) Complete set of alphabets : The Letter Construction set comes with all pieces, making it great for home use or school use that makes it great for home use.

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