Merit and demerit of online classes

We know that our country is affiliated due to epidemic from December 2019. At this penademic situation our prime minister Narendra Modi decided to start online classes. Our prime minister thought that online classes not effect the education of students. Students can get knowledge from its home. The purpose is good but after some time many difficulties arises between the students during online classes.

Benefits of online classes

In this penademic situation online classes very much useful for students. Even at home students are able to study. In any situation the studies of students are not affected. Students learn new skills and features about the new technology. Without going any were students gain knowledge. During online classes teachers showing the videos so that students get more clear concepts about the topics because some times students are not able to understand what teachers want to say. Also when the students view pictures and videos they learn for long periods of time.

Demerits of online classes

While doing online classes students and teachers both are facing lots of problems. Sometimes teachers are not able to take class due to network issues. Sometimes light failure due to rain. Also few teachers are don’t know how to take online class they are not able to use the features. The biggest problem of online classes is that many of students are not having android phones or any digital device in which they can do online classes. Many of the students belong to urban areas where light facilities are not available. For higher studies students practical classes are not possible in online because until the student can not do practical from itself they are not able to understand the working process of any instruments.

Online classes is good but it is good only when all the facilities are available to every student then it should be useful.

Education reach to every students

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