“Nurse: just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone.”

You have often seen women-men working with doctors or serving patients in hospitals. We know these people by the name of the nurse and their work are called nurses. Do you know that nursing is also a job, and in today’s time, it is a quick forward profession? 

What is Nursing?

In simple words, nursing is a humanity service profession within the medical & healthcare sector that focuses on personal, family and community care to help you achieve, maintain or restore optimal health and quality of life. Nurses provide care, for example, interdependently with doctors or independently as nursing professionals.

Significance of Nursing Profession

Medical caretakers are dependable (alongside other social insurance experts) for the treatment, wellbeing and recuperation of patientsThe nursing field is full of challenge and full of the actual feeling of human service. 

Now, without nursing, healthcare sector cannot serve the patients. Nurses deal with care and emotion to all patients. Nurses are the first point of contact and care of the patient. If any patient is admitted in the hospital, then from discharge, nurses have to be with that patient round-the-clock.


This professional differs from others. Nursing is a high-pressure work. As a medical attendant, you have bunches of obligations: helping patients, aiding methods, refreshing desk work and considerably more. There are a few issues in this field.

1. Long Working Hours 

Extended periods of time and extra time are not another issue. Medical attendants need to finish 12-hour shifts with spare additional time. This issue originates from staff cuts, yet nurture frequently remains at work when there’s been a genuine mishap. 

2. Working environment Violence

Brutality towards medical attendants can extend from a boisterous ambush to something somewhat more genuine. WHO found that within 8% and 38% of well being, labourers have endured a physical viciousness during their profession.

3. Working environment Hazards 

You consistently work with needles, sharp apparatuses and overwhelming gear. To help avoid disaster, all staff should be arranged fittingly and reliably keep rules and rules to ensure they aren’t hurt, close by their accomplices. 

4. Personal Health

Working in medicinal services is a distressing occupation and can cause pressure-related medical issues. You need to relax and take time away from work to help you unwind.

10 Important lines on Nursing Profession

  1. We consider Florence Nightingale the father of the modern nursing concept
  2. It is an open career opportunity for both men and women.
  3. A competent nurse should have a passion for learning fresh things. He should realize the needs of others.
  4. Nurses are at higher risk of violence and abuse in hospitals.
  5. A nurse is a trained person who takes care of someone who is ill or injured.
  6. The nurse performs her obligation properly because supervising patients is not an effortless task.
  7. People believe it that women look better than men, so we saw most of the women in this area.
  8. Nursing has emerged as a safe and growing career. Many students from the village and urban area like to do.
  9. Florence Nightingale opened the first nightingale school for nurses in 1860. Because of his efforts, people respect nurses in the entire world. 
  10. Florence Nightingale is one of the most magnificent creatures in nursing history.            


Finally, it can be said that this field is a splendid profession and having the golden opportunity in future for both men and women. Nowadays, many women choose this profession.

If you also want to serve the patients, then you are male or female, it does not matter that you can become an excellent / wonderful nurse by getting a diploma/degree. Hope this is an informative post on nursing profession.