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As far back as the time goes, milk has formed an important part of the diet of people of the Indian society. Consisting of a variety of essential nutrients and vitamins, we have been asked to drink milk by our family since we were young. Whether it was at the time of breakfast, in the evening or even at night before going to bed, drinking milk was an essential part of our child hood. In today’s world, the people consume mostly the milk that comes from cows. Animals that produce milk for consumption include not only cows but also several other mammals as well, such as sheep, goat, camel, buffalo, etc. Milk is used for creating a variety of dishes, such as desserts, chocolates, sweets, and even savory dishes some time require milk in their recipe. Even after all this, the milk can be consumed on its own without adding anything, with its nutrition and rich taste.

Some of the benefits of milk are discussed below:-


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Milk is considered a “complete protein” , providing the various benefits of protein without us actually having to take protein in the supplementary form, as everyone is doing today. Many athletes and sportsperson prefer drinking milk after their workouts as it also helps in reducing sore muscles and muscle cramps, apart from the added benefit of protein building in the body.


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Apart from the strong bones and teeth that the calcium on milk consumption is ensured, milk also helps the liver prevent production of LDL (bad cholesterol) in our body. This keeps the levels of cholesterol in our body on check to make sure we don’t suffer from cholesterol related issues. Not only this, calcium helps in proper pumping of blood from our heart to our body, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted flow of blood throughout our entire body. This ensures that our heart works smoothly without any issues and remains happy!


A number of studies have shown that drinking milk everyday may help the people who are currently on their weight loss journey. This is evident through the fact that since the milk enriched with protein, it keeps us full for longer periods of time. This ensures that we do not overeat, when we are simply bored. Not only this, milk also contain certin amino acids that help in breakdown of fat in our body.


Milk has been proven to help improve the skin and hair quality in those who either apply or drink it everyday. Packed with a variety of nutrients and vitamins, milk helps the skin and hair alot and provides it the much needed nourishment. Not only this, milk also hydrates skin and hair and hence, prevents it from drying out. So, make sure to use a much-need skincare or hair care mask, enriched with the goodness of milk to make your skin softer and supple and your hair shiny and voluminous.

What are you waiting for? Go and have that glass of milk!