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Yes a red taboo, couldn’t guess it? Here, the menstrual cycle.

Yes, the same our mother, wife, daughter goes through for a certain duration of time every month, but you might not be comfortable reading it right? 

In our society, especially Indians, we have grown by learning that talking about a few topics is either considered the ashamed one you are or you can’t just simply talk because then you will be given a certain look as if you have done something unforgivable.

Imagine a girl living in a rural area and at the age of 11-14 just like any teenage child she is having the changes and the first hit of puberty is menstruation, Now she can’t talk to her mother as she also might be the same as a society and have adjusted with the norms of the society, the other option she can have is her friends but they are also same age around her so either they will tell her the things they have learned from themselves or taught by their mother and in between all these the girl children will develop the negative aspect about it, now just imagine hating something which is part of your own body and health, what will it do to that individual?

After imagining all that let’s get into the root cause of it, starting from the start of the time to see if girls are impure for going through the process which will at some point, be the start of a new life within them.

The Vedas:

Indians, the follower of Vedas’s, or at least we think we are strictly following it right? But stopping you right here, let me clear a few things before we all think that manipulating the actual script teaching according to our underdeveloped thinking can not be considered as us following Veda rather it’s us making it follow us, but again not everyone is the same, some people are much aware of things and they are also helping other see it the way it should be.

According to our Veda’s to it’s not mentioned anywhere that females are impure for habiting the changes in their body, rather the opposite women in Veda’s even men both are considered equal and important part.

So what’s the point of making them feel terrible about the things they don’t have control over because it’s not them who chose to be born as a female who is considered impure in our society, right and even it’s not like anyone gets this chance to choose for them. 

We all need to combat it!!

Not everyone is the same out there but being confined and restricting our thinking only to the capacity where it starts fallacy of the statement, one should reconsider that fallacy and try to think of more broad aspect or if one can’t then do research and then make your judgment about it.

Restricting a girl in religious activity and even somewhere prohibiting their interaction with anyone else around them for that particular duration should not be done just cause of social norms.

Yes, taking extra care of the females during that time just to make them feel more at ease can be the reason they shouldn’t work or they should take more care of their health at times too makes sense, though why women only even if men were the one going through it they should have been treated with care.

So, it is not about we only care for women and we don’t respect or value men No, it’s never like this and it won’t ever be but in some places, society needs to care for their males as even they are human and at someplace they need to do same for the females, after all, we are all human.

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