Significant Inventions in India

India is currently known as the culturally rich history country with officially more than 23 languages spoken across the country and the second-most populous country in the world. It is also famous for the Spices and the Entertainment Industry which is known as Bollywood. India has contributed a lot to the world in the field of astronomy, architecture, metallurgy, logic, cartography, mathematics, medicine, mineralogy, automobile engineering, communications, information technology, space research and polar technology, etc. India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations with long scientific and technological traditions. Here are 12 Great Invention in India which got embraced by the whole world:-


The Number Zero plays a significant role in Mathematics. Zero number was invented by a great Astronomer and Mathematician Aryabhata. The number zero came into practice from 478 AD onwards and was first used in Ancient India. He was the first mathematician to use Zero to define the decimal system in Mathematics. 

The Ayurveda 

If anyone has undergone any Ayurveda therapy then all the credit goes to our country India. The Ayurveda is often dubbed as the “The science of Life”. It is a traditional institute of medicine, for over 5000 years it’s been practiced in India which helps people achieve good health and healthy living, without the use of medicines (Prescription Drugs). In recent years it gained popularity all across the world. 

Board Games (Chess & Snake and Ladder)

Chess is well known all over the world for the Intellectuals was Invented in India. its ancestor was called Chaturanga and it was a strategic board game popular during the Gupta Empire around six century AD like the chess we know today this game had various pieces with different values and capabilities it also had an important King figure and winning the game depended on the fate of the king another popular board game brought to us by India is snakes and ladders the original version was called moksha pod and it was invented by a 13th-century poet and saint by the name of John dev the snake stood for vices while ladders were virtues during India’s time under British rule the game made its way to England and later to the United States. 

Plastic Surgery 

It was invented in India in the sixth century BC an Indian physician named Sushruta created a huge reference book on medicine and surgery it was one of the world’s earliest works of his kind Sushruta often called the father of surgery. Described the use of hundreds of medicinal plants and instructions for performing surgical procedures including nose reconstruction and skin transplantation from one part of the body to another the original method of Rhinoplasty that involved taking a piece of skin from the forehead to reconstruct the nose is even still used today. But back then nose jobs were done to help people who had been deprived of their noses as a punishment for theft or Adultery. 

Wireless Communication 

When you think of the pioneer of radio communication Guglielmo Marconi probably immediately comes to mind and that’s for good reason because he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909 for his innovative work but Jagadish Chandra Bose presented his discovery of radio communication wave to the public in 1895 he sent an electromagnetic wave across 75 feet at the town hall in Calcutta (now Kolkata) the wave passed through walls rang a bell and ignited some gunpowder Marconi used bose’s invention the mercury coherer as a pattern to build his operational two-way radio Bose never patented his work so he was only credited for his discovery a century. 


If you’ve ever tried Yoga and if you keep practising it and see the positive changes in your life then you should be thanking India for it because the first yoga guru was Lord Shiva also known as Adi yoga people in northern India were practising this spiritual exercise over 5,000 years ago the word yoga was even mentioned in the Vedas India’s oldest sacred text the Brahmins further developed the art of yoga and documented their experiences in a Treatise with over 200 records Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with the idea to celebrate yoga day on June 21st and it’s now an actual international holiday with millions of followers.


The word shampoo comes from the Hindi word shampoo which means to massage or knead the substance was invented in India in 1762 and was originally used for head massages hence the name the first shampoo was made of natural oils and herbs British colonial traders fell in love with the idea and brought it back with them to England it took years for the original head massage oil to evolve into shampoo as we know it today.

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