Step by step guide for a simple makeup look

Makeup!!!! Everybody loves makeup, and that’s true it enhance ones beauty and even gives texture to face. But it is very difficult task too and we cannot apply each day every single product we own. So, here is the simple step by step guide for easy, instant and beautiful makeup look.

1) Foundation

First start with basic foundation and this foundation is the best at just 459 INR. It will give matte finish. One can buy it according to their skin tone.

2) Concealer

The best and affordable concealer is this with just 465 INR and it is the best just conceal undereyes and outline the brows.

3) Loose powder

This the best and affordable loose face powder that I came across. It is also inexpensive with just 145 INR. It gives rose coloured look.

4) Contour

This is the next step which is very awesome contour and so is the palette and it comes with a price of 850 INR.

5) Nude eyeshadow palette

This is the best eyeshadow palette with just 599 INR.

6) Eyeliner, Kajal and brow brush

These are must have eyeliner worth Rs 187, Kajal worth Rs 136 and brush brow worth Rs 125. These products enhance the eyes beauty.

7) Highlighter

The best highlighter palette with just Rs 297 and this is the best, it’s texture and shine are more than awesome.

8) Mascara

This is the bestest mascara all time just a single coat and here the lashes becomes voluminous and it’s very affordable with just 599 Rs. This is must buy product.

9) Nude lipstick

The final look will be done by applying any shade of nude and this is worth Rs 234. This is the shade that is soo good.

A last special tip for enhancing the look is that before highlighter apply tint to cheeks and it also can be used as eyeshadow and lipstick. The best tint is of face shop worth Rs 499.

Here are some of the tip for everyday look and this is just awesome. So this is the step by step guide for everyday makeup look. Hope you all like it.