The Ancient Unearthing: Pyramids

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Ancient and Pyramid, don’t they go together so well? From the start of time pyramids are considered the most intriguing thing for us Humans and why not the structure, the location everything just screams something more to the picture that we all can decipher at the moment.

Doesn’t ever it occurs why they thought of that structure and how come every pyramid though ten of thousands of kilometers away yet built with striking similarities?

The only eight-sided pyramid of Giza, why it is built like that, what was the purpose of this developed structure at that time when they didn’t even have the modern tools to use for it?

Some people think that it served just for the tomb and yet on another side some believe it to be an arrangement of the constellation from the space indicating the bigger picture, but the question arises how come they knew about it way before the actual discovery of the terms.

So, to answer a few and to know more, let’s get going with different facts and theories.

The Pharaoh’s Dream: And the Great Sphinx

Most of the mystery of pyramids goes around the sphinx and the story of the dream of Pharaoh.

According to the “ Dream Stela” which is inbuild with the story of the pharaoh’s dream says that once when out for hunting he fell asleep in the shade of the Sphinx and he saw Sphinx asking him to clear the sand around it for the crown of upper and lower Egypt.

We don’t exactly know if this dream ever happened or not but there are many walls and passages which were discovered around the Sphinx believing it to be there for the safety of the Sphinx from the wind.

Many theories or points of view yet no one knows to confirm that when was it built and why?

The Mysterious Void:

After many years of discoveries and theory the element of space finally around 2017 let us into another question to ponder our knowledge about.

Some voids are found near the tomb of Pharaoh but what size are they and even why they are there we still couldn’t find it.

The mysterious thing about this void found is that they could be traced by the presence of elements that are considered to be small than an atom or another subatomic part.

So does this mean it could lead to yet another discovery of something mysterious?

The subatomic particles are also the constituent of cosmic-ray which is mostly found in the space containing speed almost equal to that of light.

So what is that doing in the new void? A hundred possibilities and theories are given and the research is still going on to this date.

The Conclusion:

Though we have yet to discover many things about it besides its capability of being the large sundial and telling accurate time.

The technique which they used to make all this happen at that time is also not clear to this date but theories are suggesting they could have used water and sand to move all these heavy limestones, regardless of everything, the pyramid remains one of the greatest wonders of the world.

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