The horrid pain of Learned helplessness…

Have you ever Felt helplessness? This can be one of the most painful feelings ever to experience. Helplessness is more than just sadness. It is the feeling that you can’t change your negative situation and that you might be stuck feeling that way for a long period of time shaking off helplessness feels like An uphill battle. Even if you have your friends Who went to help you. You might express your feelings only to hear things like this. You can do it don’t be so down on yourself and give it a try unfortunately the feeling of helplessness is a belief that you can’t do it. This believe may be so strong that trying anything else would seem absolutely ridiculous. Even though your friends and family have good intentions with their encouraging words. The words don’t stick.

How people find themselves in a situation where they feel helpless? we’ll also look at a few key studies in psychology surrounding thing called helplessness. There’s Science behind the way that we talk to ourselves and develop a feeling of helplessness throughout our life. We have to learn that we have the power to develop a believe that we actually can’t control our destiny but we also have power to develop belief that we can under we control our destiny and that is what the theory of learnt helplessness is all about the theory of learned.

Helplessness was developed in the 1960’s at the university of Pennsylvania graduate student Martin seligman when his favourite psychologist was conducting an experiment on dogs when he Notice that they seemed well helpless. They were given his very simple task But many had given up on even what caused this helplessness. In these dogs were certain dogs helpless on were Dogs at risk for learning this experiment.

Learned helplessness is the giving-up reaction, the quitting response that follows from the belief that whatever you do doesn’t matter.

Martin E.P. seligman

His experiment consisted of three groups of dogs the first set of dogs was the control Group second set were given Shocks but were given the ability to turn off the shocks with the simple Action and the third set were given shocks without any way to turn off the shocks. So Second set of dogs had control Shocks. They could push a button. The could stop getting  shocked. The third set had no control over their shocks.

Imagine what this taught the dogs about their ability to control the environment and remove themselves from a bad situation. Not surprisingly the third set of dogs learned a feeling of helplessness that the couldn’t change their situation after the initial exposure to the shocks the dogs were given a second set of shocks in order to stop the Shocks all the dogs had to do was just walk to the Other side of the room just a few stop these sharks the second set of dogs the ones who could actually control the shocks.

The first time were significantly more likely to simply just walk across the room and stop the shocks what’s more important is that they were significantly more likely to actually try to stop the shocks However the third set of dogs the ones who originally had no control  whether or not they got shocked were much more likely to literally sit down and just accept the shocks.

How often are we as humans like those we just sit down and let bad things happen to us well dogs weren’t helpless because they weren’t able to control their situation. They felt helpless because they believe could control the situation. This is that I am helpless or nothing I do can fix my situation are based in your own beliefs. You can have the ability to break that cycle take a minute to think about this. So we started thinking to find your limiting beliefs pluck them straight out of your brain and to give you the tools to actually control your Mindset.

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