Modern Society has advanced in science, technology and information. Prosperity has increased manifold. But progress and affluence have their negative aspect too. Crimes such as burglary, kidnapping, robbery, violence, assault, sexual harassment, rapes, threats, verbal abuse have become the torment of today’s society. There is no humanity and shame left in some people and because of them the whole society’s image is getting attacked. Most of the deadly and dangerous crimes are organised and executed by professional criminals. The lords of the underworld run a parallel government. Government machinery and police extort money by coercion and if the demand is not fulfilled, they kill a victim.

Everyday the newspaper reports murders, robberies, rapes, thefts and kidnapping. The criminals are easily committing crimes without any fear, be it a man or a woman, both are committing crimes and the government also do not take any action against it. The government has to make more strict laws and punish the criminals as soon as they find the crime done by them. If not now, then the society, the country will lose its dignity and faith in the government and its laws.

Despite the growth of private guards and ever- increasing number of civil police, the rate of crime is increasing day by day. This is quite a shocking trend. Growing unemployment and lack of motivation among the educated young men have drawn many of them to the world of crimes.


1.ROBBERY- No doubt, the cases of robbery are arising since a very ling time. Everywhere in the society, robbery is done by many people. Criminals are indulged in robbering a bank, a purse, gold ornaments of women, stealing something from a store and many more.

2- MURDER- It is the most dreadful crime anyone can do. Killing a person, making his or her family devastated for the sake of your benefit or anything is the worst thing you can do. The criminal should be hanged to death immediately if he or she kills a person.

3- RAPE- Rape cases are increasing daily in our society. Everyday someone is raping a girl, a woman which is so terrible to hear. No such right is given to a man where he can physically assault a girl and use her for his satisfaction. This should be ended soon by punishing the criminals.

4- CYBER CRIME- It refers to a variety of crimes carried out online’ using the internet through computers, laptops, tablets etc. like stalking or harassment, bullying and financial fraud are called cyber- enabled crimes.

5- KIDNAPPING- It is the unlawful transportation and confinement of a person against their will. Kidnapping of someone for getting huge amount of money should be strictly banned and those who commit it should be punished.


Healthy and active co-operation of the people, police and political leaders can control the situation. Political leaders having links with the underworld should be identified and pressurised to yield to public opinion. In case they do not redress the grievances of the people, they should be forced to resign an not elected again. Instead of harassing the person who lodges the F.I.R, steps should be taken to punish the criminal and curb the crime. The general public needs enlightenment. The people should be conscious of their rights and duties. Only by observing a civic code of conduct, the elders can inspire the youth to combat crime.

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