Top 28 books to must read in 2021

Books are man’s best friend very well said by Groucho Marx. Books can change one’s mindset, perspective, thinking, and overall things. So if you want to change your life here is the list of 28 books that will definitely change your life.

1) Rich dad Poor dad

2) How to win friends and influence people

3) Deep work

4) Atomic habits

5) The monk who sold his Ferrari

7) 7 habits of highly effective people

6) Talking like Ted

8) Elon Musk

9) The subtle art of not giving a fuck

10) The power of subconscious mind

11) 4 hour work week

12) The four agreement

13) Think and grow rich

14) The art of happiness

15) A field guide to happiness

16) Thinking fast and slow

17) Getting to yes

18) Design thinking

19) Curious

20) Ego is the enemy

21) Zero to one

22) Moneyball

23) The power of now

24) Think like a monk

25) You can heal your life

26) Why not me

27) Man’s search for meaning

28) Attitude is everything

Here, are the top 28 books which one should definitely give a read. Hope you like it.