6 tips for students to reduce their stress and depression in Covid-19 situation

We all know that from 2020 to till now we are continuously fighting with Covid-19 as well as with our mental agony and depression. Due to lockdown situation for such long period ,our mental health is at stake. Everyone specially school and college students are the main victims of this situation. School ,colleges are remained closed from more than one and half year. Online classes make them more depressed. But if there is a will there is a way to come out from this constant depression and stress.

Tips for students to manage their mental stress and depression in this situation

1.Avoid using your mobile phone excessively for fun:

Excessive use of phone is one of the main reason of getting depressed. Excessive use of smart phone can also affect your health badly.

2.Use smart phone for progressive purpose:

There is a lot of things to do with your smart phone other than excessively using of Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp for fun purpose.

a. Learn some new things like cooking , crafting , digital drawing, gardening from google as well as You tube

b. Read novels from internet it will help you to increase your vocabulary.

c. Learn how to make website and how to write content ,write your own blog in your own website.

d. Create your YouTube channel as per your choice create content in which you have sufficient knowledge.

e. If you are college students you can attend various National Webinars which is relevant for your domain of study for enhancing knowledge.

f. Various free certification courses are also available on google.

g. Learn foreign languages like French, Spanish etc.

h. Learn how to play guitar and other instruments from YouTube.

3.Reading books, journals:

a. Read story books or any other historical books which helps you to enhance your knowledge.

b. Read journals related to global business , spots , economy and current affaires.

4.Yoga and exercise:

a. Yoga is a art which heals one’s mental agony, mental stress and depression. Gives your soul a wonderful peace. Physical benefits are also there.

b. Daily morning walk or exercise is very much needed for keeping yourself healthy both mentally and physically.

5.Help your mother for household works:

Help your mother for her household works ,it will give satisfaction to both of you.

6.Do your works by own:

Rather than depending upon someone do your essential works by own like keep cleaning your room, wash your own cloths. It will release positive hormones in your mind and you will feel relaxed and satisfied.

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