Animals that can go extinct by 2050

Climate change is real and happening rapidly causing our ecosystem to change drastically. As a result of this and poaching many animals can go extinct in next thirty years if we don’t do something about it. Scientists have said that this mass extinction might be the worse one our planet has had since the disappearance of dinosaurs.

Here is a list of few animals which can go extinct by 2050 if changes aren’t made.


All species of Rhinos face a risk now due to illegal poaching as their horns hold great value. Northern white rhino has only three left and Javan Rhino has merely 60. Steps need to be taken to protect them and it’s possible. The white Rhino was also on verge of extinction but due to conservation programs of South Africa their numbers have grown up to over 20,000. So donate and volunteer to make change.

Polar Bears

They may not yet be listed in endangered but their species are the one which is affected by climate change the most. Due to melting of ice they are forced to migrate for food and hence their habitat can soon be completely destroyed if nothing is being done about it. Evidence also states that some of them started mating with grizzly bears after migrating to less tropical zones and hence their pure species might as well go extinct. One important step people can take is participate in programs to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.


Currently four species of gorilla are listed as endangered. Cross river gorilla at less than 300, Eastland lowland gorilla whose population have gone down by 50 percent, and the mountain gorilla whose population is less than 900. The biggest threat to them is considered poaching, and habitat loss— due to mine digging. Western lowland gorillas are considered in critical state of being endangered due to Ebola virus, poaching and habitat loss. WWF organization helps to their cause and you can provide your assistance through donations.


In over a century the total number of cheetah have gone down from over 100 thousand to less than ten thousand. The main threat to them is habitat loss. Cheetah conservation fund helps to their cause and you can volunteer and donate to give your assistant.


Both the species of Orangutan; Sumatran and Bornean are considered as endangered due to deforestation, hunting for bushmeat and wildlife trade. To support to the cause you can assist Orangutan foundation by donating and volunteering.

Sumatran Tigers

Their number is merely less than 500 now and due to habitat loss they are extremely endangered. They are a common victim of illegal poaching and wildlife trade. To help them Leonardo DiCaprio foundation and WWF came together for combined effort of doubling up the number of tigers by 2022. You can assist the cause by donating and volunteering.

Snow leopards

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