The anklet of my leg was

jingling to sound like his heartbeats.

~ Mariyam Mehboob

Ladies wear anklets

The are usually worn by married women, but unmarried girls also wear them,which signifies their bravery and pride. Usually anklets have small tinkling bells,which creates jingling sound when a lady walks. Anklets also helped a wife to attract the attention of husband.

Uses of wearing anklets

Wearing silver anklets have scientific significance as well and it is one the delicate jewellery to wear. The scientific reason behind Wearing them is the energy isn’t wasted and in fact re-vibrate back to one’s own body again. Hence Wearing them is the best way to remain energetic and divine.

☆ Getting rid of leg pain.

☆ Protection against swelling heels.

☆ Energy healers.

☆ Immunity Booster.

☆ 16 or solah shringar.

☆ Bring positivity in home.

☆ Saviour to problems.

Why gold anklets should not be worn?

Gold represents Goddess Lakshmi,the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Thus,wearing it on our feet will be seen as disrespecting the goddess herself.

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