Across the Atlantic, the USN Canada are desperately trying to battle their own wildfires. mostly direct outcomes of unprecedented heat waves that struck North America from Vancouver to California along with the whole of the American northwest region. in June Vancouver Portland and Seattle all set new heat records 118, 116 and 108 Fahrenheit respectively.

While it is not true that not all fires are a direct result of global warming, unprecedented increases in temperature, coupled with changes in weather patterns, are the main culprits of these unmitigated disasters. One culprit to all this is our insatiable consumer habits that has fueled the engine of capitalism but subsequently harming our environment through the smoke that comes out if it.

The solution is more complex than simply having the resources and proper equipment to contain these fires. The impact of the crises continue to be felt for years, even if temperatures somehow stabilize. In California, for example, which is bracing for another horrific season the devastation of the previous years can still be felt after two years of drought. The soil moisture is depleted drying out vegetation and making it more prone to combustion the problem then is neither temporary nor can be dealt with through easy fixes.

Often times than not, this problem is addressed on a political basis where they can be used as a political agenda to sway the votes of the majority to just temporarily subside the implication that climate change has on our future. We come up with vacuous long term policies to do the same. This problem needs to be addressed at a macro- level. This affects millions of people’s livelihood and has irreversible consequences when dealt poorly. Our future generation is at stake here. Unlike most problems, this one cannot be addressed by a few wealthy countries alone. Instead we need to work together as a conglomerated whole to figure out a viable solution.

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