Copying In The Examination

The students who do not study well look for short cuts like copying in examination, but not to much use. Some students use every method to cheat the invigilator and if they are caught, they shed crocodile tears. They beg before the supervisors but some aggressive students threaten the authorities of dire consequences.

Their shrewd brain can be admired in the new methods they devise. Sometimes, copying is organised on a mass scale. As soon as the students receive the question paper, they note down the questions on a piece of paper and throw it out of the window. Their friends who are outside, write down the answers and try to smuggle them back to the students. They bribe the peon and the sweeper who bring these slips for them. They also go to the bathroom and collect the material from there. When they are caught, at first, they try to beg with an apology. If this method fails, then they try to threaten the invigilator.

Some states have passed very strict laws to punish such students. This habit should stop otherwise it would bring about a total collapse of the education system. Students should well understand and keep in mind that copying serves no purpose, as said, “There is no short cut to success” and “Hard work is the only key to success.”

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