Cricket Match

Saturdays are a holiday in school for us. but last Saturday the entire school was present. We were to have a cricket match with the Sardar Patel boys, starting at 10 in the morning. While the home team as well as the guest team were getting ready, the stands filled up with students, teachers and even a number of enthusiastic parents.

Exactly at 10 am, Mr Bakshi, our cricket coach along with the coach of the visiting team came to the pitch. They were accompanied by the two captains. The SP captain won the toss and he chose to bat first. As our home team came on to the field and took their positions, there was loud cheering from the stands. Then entered the two batsmen with the captain of SP facing the first ball. Ranjeet, our top bowler was known for his spins.

The captain barely managed to hit the first onslaught. The first over ended as a maiden over. However all our hopes began to dampen when in the second over the first ball was hit to the boundary. It was followed by a quick succession of runs that made us cross our fingers.

Then suddenly OUT! The middle stump was flung back and the umpire raised his right hand’s index finger. By lunch time the SP team had garnered a good 260 runs. It being a 20 overs match our team was faced with a herculean task to match their score.

After lunch, amidst loud cheering, Sunil our sports captain and Prakash our schools top athlete came in as the opening batsmen. From the very first ball they showed their mettle. Runs came pouring in as both of them sent the balls flying to the boundary. Just as we were sure of winning the match Prakash hit the ball for a six, but was caught out. A loud exclamation of disappointment went up from the crowd. Then followed some of our middle order batsmen. Except for one who was run out at zero all the others managed to add on a decent amount of runs.

As the day began to come to a close the two team fought on. With only the last over remaining the home team was still short of 10 runs. Any thing could happen. Our captain Sunil was still standing and as he faced the ball, we could see the determination on his face. But the SP team were no greenhorns. They had set the field in a manner that would make it difficult for him to score a boundary. The three players at slip would prevent him from taking the singles. We watched with bated breath. All our hopes pinned on our captain. The first ball he just stopped but the second he sent flying over the stands. We still could win! The SP team closed in around the batsmen who looked around desperately for a gap. Then on the second last ball, Abhay the other batsman hit a resounding 4. Yes! the home team had scored a total of 261 runs and won the match.

As the two teams returned to the stands everyone stood up to cheer and applaud. It had been an exciting match and our team captain retained his title as the most popular student. I shall remember this match for a long time to come.

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