Everything You Should Know About Afghanistan Crisis

US Talking To Pakistan Leaders To Shut Down Safe Havens For Taliban:  Pentagon
Taliban’s surge in Afghanistan has intensified as US troops wrap up their withdrawal 

US Forces are pulling out from Afghanistan after 20 years of war. The US’s longest-ever war cost them hundreds of billions of dollars. Due to war thousands of people lost their lives and millions were displaced in their own country. In February 2020, both US and the Taliban signed a peace treaty that states that the Taliban will not allow the use of Afghan land as a terrorist base. Taliban also took the pledge of maintaining peace in the country. US President Joe Biden has set a symbolic date of 11 September 2021 for full withdrawal.

What Is Taliban?

Who are the Taliban – Part 2: Will there be changes on the ground? |  Research News,The Indian Express
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Mullah Mohammad Omar, a Pashtun tribe member who became a mujahedeen commander and helped push the Soviets out of Afghanistan in 1989, created the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. Mullah Omar founded the organization in Kandahar in 1994 with around 50 members to combat the insecurity, corruption, and criminality that gripped Afghanistan during the post-Soviet civil war. In 1996, the Taliban rapidly conquered Kandahar and the capital, Kabul after which they imposed severe Islamic restrictions including Sharia Law, banning television and music, prohibiting girls from attending school, and requiring women to wear burqas from head to toe.

US Invasion in Afghanistan 

Afghanistan war: What has the conflict cost the US? - BBC News

On 11 September 2001, a terrorist attack happened in the US which took the lives of around 3000 civilians. Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the Islamic militant group Al-Qaeda took responsibility for the attack. Bin Laden ran to Afghanistan to seek shelter where the Taliban gave him protection and refused to hand over Laden to the US. After which the US intervened militarily in Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power. By December 17, 2001, the US and its allies had removed the Taliban from power and established military bases near major towns around the country. During the Battle of Tora Bora, the majority of al-Qaeda and Taliban members escaped, either to Pakistan or fleeing to rural or remote mountainous areas.

The return of the Taliban | Guest column - UP Front News - Issue Date: Jul  26, 2021
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As per the latest report, the Taliban has taken control of over 90% area of Afghanistan. More than 1,000 civilians lost their lives in the past month. 

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