How much salary does Cognizant pay to software engineers?

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According to the JobBuzz data, here is the compensation of software engineers that Cognizant offers.

1. Software Developer/ Programmer
Software developers obtain compensation of Rs 2,73,617 per year on the minimum level and Rs 8,58,340 per year on the maximum level. The average salary of a software developer is Rs 4,84,968 annually.

2. Data Warehouse Developer
Annually, the minimum and maximum salary for a data warehouse developer are Rs 2,93,821 and Rs 9,47,472 respectively. The average compensation for the candidates is around Rs 5,30,472 per year.

3. Software Testing Engineer/ Test Automation Engineer
Software testing engineers obtain a salary of Rs 4,74,120 per year. The minimum and maximum compensations are Rs 2,43,227 and Rs 8,11,764 respectively depending on the experience of the candidates.

4. Tech Architect
On average, the salary of a tech architect is Rs 12,04,353 per year. The minimum and maximum compensation depending on the experience of the candidate are Rs 3,31,666 and Rs 23,38,366 annually.

5. Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Software quality assurance analyst compensation is around Rs 4,70,236 per year on average. The minimum compensation is Rs 2,52,693 per year and the maximum is Rs 8,02,490.