Intricacies of war and the way it is normalized in the 21st century

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War is not completely about the action, in fact, to execute the fight, there is a vast economical, logistical factor and many budget constrans. Management plays a key role in such situation more than a day to day business, as every decision a person makes is associated with many lives and there is many stakeholder bodies to answer to.

                                         People usually never fail to respect people in the navy, especially social media has been favoring them for their effort, but it is sad that their life in camps and other navy office workers is not completely transparent which leads to many false assumptions which usually underestimates their work portfolio and the work load, this leads to a lot misunderstanding from the reality. Let’s discuss some reality of War, 

                           People die, not as obvious as its sounds, not on a bed or a hospital but in a survival situation where you either die or cut your hurt arm with a Swiss knife slowly feeling your own bone for the first time to live. Soldiers in action experience practical Paranoia, war never happens often but when it happens lot of trainees will on the field facing foreign men trying to kill by all means and act just as higher officials say who would let you die if it is necessary. There will be a lot of confusion despite the training, if you put your head over the barrier will you be seen or shot? Where are the enemy? Are they  behind you? As you are fighting hand to hand, what are the odds you dying instead of him?