Kamogawa sea world, Japan.

Photo by Neha Pandey on Pexels.com

The crawling waves, the lusciously coloured fishes and the turquoise ambience is something
that any one would enjoy. So did I, with the Kamogawa sea world!
The Kamogawa sea world is located outside the main city, on the beach front, allowing me to
find solace and peace.

The pathway from the car park to the entrance is filled with welcoming
trees on either side of you. The ambience of the place is fantastic, maintaining a cerulean
theme, giving a feel like walking through the ocean. I feel the place automatically triggers
happiness and excitement as you walk inside. As you walk inside, you will be able to see a
variety of different ocean creatures and species, starting from the tiniest of algaes to massive
whales. Most importantly, you will be able to see that the place is maintained in such a way,
giving enough space for visitors and making them feel comfortable and organised. On the other
hand, even the animals are taken care of with so much love, fed with proper food and are given
adequate space for shelter with their families. Usually, I dislike visiting zoos and animal parks
for a major reason of pity for them. But no such feeling striked me while visiting this place.
Apart from all of these, you will be able to sit and relish multiple shows performed by the
animals themselves! Honestly, it feels like you could achieve anything after watching those
fabulous performances. The best part is that they engage with the audience during the shows.
For instance, during the killer whale show, people sit and watch with raincoats on them as the
whales do a sudden, heavy splash over all of us during the show.

Finally, the place also provides the visitors with proper lavatory and food facilities. Moreover, the
place is surrounded with a lot of beach side restaurants and resorts to satisfy your appetite. It is
also very surprising that people from almost all age groups visit the seaworld and leave with a
smile on their faces!