One Final Letter for Family

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“There’s no way I’m leaving my daughter like that!”, his deep threatening scream, echoed
around the hall. “Honey you need to calm dow-” “IF anything happens to her….. Any of that
sort….. You will die!”, he threatened his wife; his jaw clenched and his eyes blood red. Tears
welled from deep inside and coursed down her cheeks. Her sympathetic eyes screamed for a
shoulder to shed her sad unhelpful tears. “Fine”, Leena said, her voice sheltering the suffering.
“Fine. If at all anything happens…. My soul shall leave immediately”, she screamed as her voice
cracked. “I shall immediately leave……. to my daughter”, she cried as if shattered like glass,
falling on her knees. Rohan couldn’t stop the away angry tears escaping his eyes.

The evening sun cast long shadows on the floor. The setting sun gave a reddish orange tinge to
the sky. The wind was cold. Rohan and Leena sat there, without moving a muscle, from 1 hour
before. Leena’s eyes were dead, her lips hazel brown, like it has been frozen. “You should have
told me”, Rohan said in a smooth painful voice. “You should have”, he cried. “It was your
daughter’s choice”, leena replied, with a dead voice. “CHOICE?” He screamed, banging his
clenched fist on the table. The sound knocked down the agonizing silence. “What do you mean
her choice?”, he continued, Tears welling up in his eyes. “She told me it was a school trip!”. “Its
not even close!”, he cried. “ Do you understand that our daughter is literally going towards
death!?” “Yes I do!”, Leena screamed. “Yes I do”. Leena covers her face, not able to show her
tremendous pain. “I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have let her….. I shouldn’t have”, Tears burst forth
like water from a dam spilling down her face. Her hands, wrapping her face, trembled in pain –
raw from the inside. Rohan couldn’t help but cry.

A ding filled the hall. The clock’s sharp ends stop at six. Leena’s eyes go anxious. Her palms
shiver in fear. “The letter should be here”, Rohan says, his voice filled with fear and pain