Phoenix market city. A Positive and Negative Review

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Positive review

Located in Velachery, Phoenix market city is a humongous well designed and maintained mall,
incorporating all well known domestic and international brands. The standards are up to the
mark and are very efficiently maintained. It provides a clean and spacious ambience. All the
shops are arranged in a beautifully organized manner, each partitioned based on it’s own
species. It caters for all mid – high end customers and has enjoyable facilities for all age groups.
It has a great selection of Indian and western shops providing products from your footwear to
wedding dresses and fries to burgers. Apart from these it has excellent security and emergency
facilities. It is a great place for students and families to spend their Sundays with.

Negative review

The Phoenix market city is one of the biggest malls in Tamil nadu, but not just the mall. You
drive in and the first thing is your parking ticket which already makes you want to go back home.
They are extremely overpriced and definitely not worth it. As you enter the mall you can
recognize literally about 90% of the shops present. If you are looking for some unique shopping,
this is definitely not the place. Well, if your mind then convinces you to switch and probably look
for a place to grab some food, you might have made the worst decision. The canteen is
extremely congested with a very limited amount of choices.