Places to travel before you die

Many of us love traveling and it’s also engaging. While traveling we explore many things, we get to know about the place, the culture of the people there, the tourists attaraction and what not. We get to know different places. Many of us are keen learner so they also travel for knowledge. Here, are the the 8 places that one must visit.

1) Venice, Italy

Venice- The city of canals, is the most beautiful and romantic city. It has Renaissance inspired architecture, public squares, narrow canal, summer sunset and many more. You will just fall in love with this city and that’s for sure. Theri gondola(water buses) rides are also very famous. It is also very well known for its smell. The best time to visit Venice is summer.

2) Paracas, Peru

Paracas is a town in Peru well known for its beaches. This town is homeland to many sea lions, Humboldt penguins and pelicans. It is also known as Ballestas land. You can definitely watch many birds and is also has marine life. You can see parts of desert from Paracas which is nowhere to be seen in Peru. The best time to visit paracas is between November and March.

3) Shark bay, Australia

Shark bay, Australia is a world heritage site. It is known for its marine life. Atleast 28 shark species live in this bay. It is considered that you could also swim here. Apart from different types of shark it also has Humpback whales and southern Right whales as migratory animals and Bottlenose dolphins also has their home in this bay. The best time to visit Shark bay is from April to October as the climate is warm there.

4) Provence, France

Provence is known for its diverse landscape, sunny weather, colourful countryside, tradition, wine, food and language. Main attraction is the city of Avignon and the wide variety of village that can easily be explored by bicycle or car. It has the most beautiful lavender fields which is worth visiting. The best time of the year to visit is from April to May or from September to October.

5) Havana, Cuba

Havana is Cuba’s capital city. It has Spanish colonial architecture and Spanish culture. It is very well known for its beaches and care free life. It is a major port for shopping. Fairly daily one need $52 dollars to stay here. The best time to visit is from January to February.

6) Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is famous for its mineral rich thermal water flowing down white travertine terraces on a nearby hill side. It also comes under world heritage site. You can swim in these thermal pools. The site was originally used for Romanian spa. It also resembles frozen waterfall. The best time to visit is from April to June and from September to October.

7) Angel falls, Venezuela

Angel falls is very beautiful waterfall. It is the tallest uninterrupted waterfall with height of 979 m. It is also a world heritage site. It is located in canaima national park in Venezuela which is also the largest park there. It is third biggest waterfall in the world and it is extremely beautiful. The best time to visit these falls are from June to November.

8) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famous for coral reefs, rice paddies, beaches and volcanic mountains. It has breathtaking views. It is also famous for its cultural monuments. Apart from these it is also not very expensive. For Indian passport holders it doesn’t require visa to visit Bali. One must definitely visit Bali. The best time to visit is from April, May to September and October.

So these are the 8 must visit places to visit before you die. Hope you’ll like it.