Sample Greetings Speech

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Good morning and welcome to the (name of school). It is both an honor and a privilege
to stand before you today and welcome you to this amazing community. Besides, I am
also honored to be thanking the hard work, patience, and perseverance of our dear
teachers without whom we would not have been here.

I can see hundreds of my face, like it was when I started, filled in this auditorium. All of
you are probably sitting there with a million questions and thoughts dancing in your
heads. “Did I i make the right decision?” yes definitely; “will i be able to cope up here?”
without a doubt; and perhaps we can help you reach marvelous heights. In fact I assure
you that each and every one of you deserves to reach out to your dreams and we as a
diverse learning community are here to lend a hand. With immense pleasure and
excitement I welcome each and everyone of you to this wonderful learning community.
When I was first asked to give the speech today morning I began wondering what
advice I should give to you all, and like anyone else would do, I decided to give you
advice that would have been useful for me during my first year. The best way to do this
was to take a peek into a glimpse of my past. When I first joined this school, frankly I
was like every one of you sitting here. There were a million thoughts running in my
head. All of you here must definitely have dreams and aims that you want to reach in
your life, and so did I. And hence the first question arose was if this school could make
that happen. Questions keep arising in your head but the answer is only one, and I
realised that answer not very late after I joined. I came to (name of school) expecting an
education. I will leave with so much more. I suspect the same will be true for you. The
community of friends and colleagues you will find here is like no other. And the
community of professors and teachers are not even in the corners of the world. When
it’s time for your dream exam, audition or even interview, an endless number of hands
will be with you, at your guidance, giving you feedback, listening to your issues and
helping you fight them and cross the brick walk. When you have crossed some rough
patches and victory marks your day, there will always be proud and smiling faces ready
to celebrate with you. And if life shoots an arrow at you, all of us will rally around you,
turning your tears into braveness providing you with guidance, support and shoulders to
shed your tears for the last time. Right or wrong, we are here to appreciate or correct
you anytime anywhere.

All in all I can definitely assure you that this can be the entry point for your dreams, that
this can be the seed to your luminous tree, and for sure, a piece of your elated life.
To conclude, I would like to give you some tips to have the most astounding experience
here at (name of school). One; never keep anything to yourself. You are here to speak
out, you are here to embellish and prove your talents and as said before, each and
every one of us are here at your side. Two; school is not only for education, it is also to
create an enduring memory in your past. So have the most fun you can and enjoy your
You are here to make a spectacle of yourself, and you won’t leave this place without
doing so.
Thank you so much for your patience. You were a wonderful audience and all the very