While sleeping, have you ever felt like being awake but unable to move. You wanted to get up but your body felt like a stone and an eerie feeling of someone being there? Well this condition is known as sleep paralysis. Which can cause you to be awake while still sleeping. Scary huh🤒??

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Sleep paralysis usually occurs between the stages of falling asleep and waking up. The paralysis that occurs while sleeping is known as hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis and the paralysis that occurs while waking up is known as hypnopompic or postdormital sleep paralysis.

About 4 people out of 10 may experience paralysis. This condition is very common in teenagers. It can also be genetic. Other factors that give way to this are: lack of seep, changing sleeping schedules, sleeping on back, necrolypsy, stress and other mental disorders, use of certain medications, etc. Although consulting a doctor is usually not required but if someone experiences sleep paralysis more often than normal then it is advised to see a doctor.

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People encounter some scary things while going through sleep paralysis. Many people have accepted to see a man or a woman either sitting on their chest or standing somewhere near them, staring at them. Though it is not life threatening but it may cause anxiety. And it may last from 20 sec to mintues at a time.


I too have had the experience of 2 sleep paralysis one night. It was a really scary situation. I could feel that my body turned into a stone and I couldn’t move it, couldn’t scream and I even sensed a person standing near my bed. Thanks to my quick thinking I knew it was sleep paralysis and I just closed my eyes slowly. As soon as I closed my eyes I woke up, it happened once again that same night. But thankfully I haven’t had it after again. It was many years ago but I still get chills when I think about it.

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Sleep paralysis has been a hot topic for researchers, because there has been accounts of it happening to people for a long time back in history. Persian texts, dating back to 10th century have accounts of sleep paralysis. However, in 1664 a Dutch physician who believed that a woman was suffering from nightmares until the 19th century, made a medical observation and after that it was termed as “sleep palsy” and ultimately “sleep paralysis”.

In conclusion, sleep paralysis is not a life threatening condition however, it can cause stress and a scary experience to some. It is linked to sleep disorders and is curable. People who have never experienced this are lucky but it can happen to anyone anytime. So, next time you feel like you are going through sleep paralysis stay calm since it is normal but if you experience it on a regular basis, go see a doctor!!

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