Walking Through The Woods

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra on Pexels.com

A gloomy winter morning. The brittle brown old autumn leaves encrusted the fresh white snow,
covering it up. The dark ominous shadows of the trees and complex bushes built and formed
the forest. The stormy winter sunlight penetrated through the crooked branches of the stripped
trees; a dense white vault above. Snow rests upon the tree branches as if it were a feather
cushion, soft and warm. It covers the rich, organic wood in perfect white. I squinted my eyes and
looked up through the damp wet blades of the towering trees. The boles looked like gleaming

The vast land is desolate and bereft from the hustle and bustle of busy city life and the criminal
harm of delinquent industrial demoralization. Tranquillity and utopian bliss are entwined in the
deep depths of the forest as well as the environment’s tranquility of the wintry season. The tall
trees possess a calm serenity that keeps all safe in the forest. The snow on the ground was
slushy and grey, engulfing the dry and trodden sand particles. I stepped forward, creating
footprints of my own in the damp snow. I could see something at a far distance, something like a
sheet of crystals. Twinkling, clean, and white with tiny bits of blue sparkling through. I observed
in silence as the mist swallowed the branches of the now younger and thicker trees. Sheets of
thick white cloudy snow preserved the gritty grounds beneath competing with the silky sheen
sheets of ice that protected the fresh clean water.
The lake had been frozen by the piercing cold blitz of the icy frost. The crystalline water
possessed a texture combining smooth and solid with the water particles reflecting a sheer
shine of glam and glitz, that could only be violated by the sharp razor blades of the ice skates.
Whispers of the remaining snowflakes lay on top of the soothing ice. The crystalline snowcovered trees were of a shelter to the gleaming lake.

I was able to hear the gusts and gales of heavy winds screeching throughout. Pointy branches
clanging like swords, battling against each other, but one sound masked all the others. The
lively chirp of birds, from the naked branches embellished with snow, soothed my ears. A
myriad of pitches filled my eardrums all at once. Singing, chirping, twittering, and tweeting, the
birds filled the area above. I could hear them, but I did not know where they were. I peered
through the fleecy branches, searching for these exquisite creatures whose delicate songs filled
my ears. But my eyes could not spot the hidden charming creatures. Curiously, I walked further
into the enticing woodlands. The frosty chill in the air made my skin shiver as I explored further
into the mesmerizing woods. My eyes peeled for any sign of the winged creatures. My ears
couldn’t help but follow the soothing melody that aroused from an unrevealed place.
As I kept walking, the tender smiling sun gradually rose above my head, making the morning
more radiant. The glittering powdery snowflakes darkened and dissolved on my rough skin. The
breeze was warmer and felt lighter. Amid the white scenery, I was now able to see the tiny
dusky birds, up in the majestic proud trees. They seemed insignificant to look at but the pleasing
melodious harmony they produced contradicted that thought. Some may have seen these birds
as the only lively part of the lifeless forest, but to me, the entire forest was filled with life, despite
the stripped naked trees and the monotonous sheet of white land.
The gleaming encrusting snow is a gift-wrap only spring will open, revealing the engrained
beauty that lives safely below, protecting these long winter months. As the sun rises each
morning, bestowing brilliance and radiance, igniting colors to vibrant hues, illuminating the
serene land.