In today’s era, everyone wants their skin to glow all the time, look attractive and refreshing. Every single girl has dreamt of having a glowing skin, the skin that can grab everyone’s attention and of course why not, in today’s world everyone wants to look perfect. According to me, beauty is something that has the power to attract anyone not only from outside, but from inside too. I think every person should be attractive from inside first because it tells a lot about your character. Then it will automatically glow in your skin, but yes I know I am talking a little bit weird like giving you moral values that you have already taken from your schools. So now I will only be talking about those 10 beauty tips you must follow in order to make your skin glow and look attractive for a longer time even if you are at work and yes, of course you will not regret it. Just take a look-


No matter what happens, how much you are busy, you have to cleanse your face with a face wash properly twice a day. There must be no excuse because this is a skincare routine you must have to follow. Properly rub your face all sides, your cheeks, chin, forehead, everything with a very smooth rubbing and massaging because if you do it fastly it may harm your skin making it look rough. It is very important to cleanse your face twice a day to remove all the dirt and dust particles from your skin. Any facewash you can apply of your choice.


Apply sunscreen daily to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even if its raining or cloudy you must apply it. It should be applied before going out into the sun and reapplied at least once every two hours. You should choose the sunscreen according to your skin type that is dry skin or soft skin, which ever you are having. Then note its SPF, if it is above 30 then it will give you high protection, you can use it and SPF 15-29 will give you medium protection. SPF 50 will give you very high protection and will be best to use. I prefer you to use LAKME SUN EXPERT SPF 50 PA +++ ULTRA MATTE LOTION, 50 ML. You don’t have to use only and only this, I am just preferring you. You can also use your choice of sunscreen or that you use daily but please check its SPF carefully.


Apply moisturizer daily as it will help your skin to look refreshing and very soft all day. It completely finishes the dryness of your skin and moists it. It is very necessary to apply it daily when you go out. You should choose the moisturizer according to your skin type, Is your skin dry, oily, normal or a combination of types? Choose according to that. For dry skin, choose heavier and oil-based moisturizer, for oily skin, choose lighter, water- based moisturizer and for normal skin, choose light, non-greasy moisturizer but mainly look for heavier moisturizer which helps keep skin hydrated. Always check its scent while buying as it is very important and if you have acne-prone skin, try to avoid any scented moisturizers with perfumes. Use SPF 15 or higher. Apply it two times a day i.e. day and night. Vaseline can be used as an everyday moisturizer for very dry skin. I recommend you to use Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Body Lotion if you can’t be able to find the suitable one otherwise use it of your choice.


After you have done with all your makeup, apply spray to your face to give it a retouch and fresh look. It makes your skin glowing and feel refreshing as it instantly rehydrate your skin without harming your makeup. Use it two times a day. When you go out, apply it and keep it always in your bag to apply it whenever you feel dizzy, and then apply it at night. Any face spray you are having you can use it like rosewater spray, it is very beneficial for your skin to use.


As everyone knows, water is very beneficial for your health, the same goes for your skin too. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water to maintain the glow and charm of your face. You can also drink various types of juices like lemon water, jeera water, turmeric water to increase the beauty of your face. These all are natural things that will help you a lot to look even more brighter and attractive. You can also add drinking water reminders in your phone as it is very tough in our busy lives to remember even about drinking water.


In order to make your skin glow all the time, exercise plays a very important role. It not only keeps you fit but also benefits your skin to a next level. If you exercise daily, you will definitely see changes in yourselves and it will increase your beauty and you will love it. So exercise daily to glow all the time.


Lip balm is mandatory to one with you all the time. It has various beauty benefits to use. It moisturizes your lips and kicks off its dryness in seconds. It helps in highlighting your face, it just protect your lips from everything making it a very important part of your skin glow. It also do not takes very big space, just fit it anywhere you want and keep applying it from time to time.


Modifying or changing your walk will have a very big impact on your beauty. Maintaining a good posture makes your appearance look so good and you look more attractive. Imply changes in your walk making it quite soft, sexy and appealing. This can surely level up your game of beauty and you will ace everything.


Eat healthy food which must include all the veggies, dal and nutritious elements and avoid junk food eating daily as it can harm your health as well as your skin. Eating junk food sometimes at the time of party, etc. but do not make a habit of eating it daily. Healthy eating will benefit in many ways and also make your skin look healthy and prettier.


Always remove makeup at night in one go without failing even once when you come from work as it removes all the dust and dirt particles may be present in your skin. Remove very gently by applying proper makeup remover cream and rubbing it all over your face and then wash it with water. It is a very necessary step in your whole beauty process as it refreshes your face and keeps all the harmful things away and you have to remove it in one go, without failing because in other go, it may cause you itchiness and could have harmful effects on your skin.

These all tips will definitely increase your beauty and make your skin glow and look so natural and beautiful all the times. Just try all of them and you will definitely going to love it.

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