3 Must-learn programming languages for developers in 2021

Photo by Kevin Ku on Pexels.com

Amidst the pandemic, it is essential to understand the major skills and a quick peep into the most in demand tech jobs that may help professionals to grow and explore various career prospects.

Especially with the evolving technology, which is offering innumerable job opportunities, for fresh graduates and even experienced programmers who are willing to learn the innovative trends that are emerging into the world of programming.

For a few the chances might be minimum in the growing tech market due to skills being mismatched. Therefore, to supersede this obstacle, we tailored 3 top programming skills which have high demand in the tech world today:

1. C++
The post-pandemic work that has forced people to work from home has seen an enormous rise in demand for cloud adoption. Various problems of data breaches have forced companies to come up with a greater budget for security purposes. The day-to-day cybersecurity threat is getting worse. So, if one wants to prosper in the said field, should be highly fascinated with IT not just that, sometimes it is even required more than that. Having command over various programming languages like C++ will make it easier. The demand for cybersecurity professionals with C++ skills has been rising especially with the rising cybersecurity cases globally.

2. Python
AI and ML are rising unexpectedly, mostly during pandemic times as businesses have been stuck in the digital world having no other way out than opting for AI and ML. For an AI engineer, it requires both the knowledge of technical and non-technical skills. A fastest-growing industry like this needs an ample amount of people with proper skills and knowledge. Well, Python is considered by experts the most suitable programming language for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing.

3. Rust
If one is starting a career in the world of programming they should be highly equipped with the knowledge of Python and JavaScript which forms the very base of it the reason being as they have a wide number of applications and have been used for many years. However, 2021, which is full of different things has something new to offer for people who aspire to be a programmer. In a survey, it was found that Rust was the most loved programming language which has been gaining prominence for the past few years.

Acting as an alternative for C++. Useful mostly for people who are looking for problem-solving techniques when they are working on large-scale applications. Offering a new atmosphere to programmers is highly functional helping developers remove bugs caused by C++.

Various courses are available with projects for hands-on experience.