Continuation of: boy with striped pajamas; chapter 5

Bruno couldn’t stop thinking about the children. He kept on peeping through the window to check what the children were doing. Bruno found the people disturbing and he wanted to know more about them.On the other side, Gretel would also notice the people far away. Even Though Bruno managed to live in Out-with for a week and 3 days, he couldn’t be there any more. He totally missed Berlin and his friends, Karl, Daniel and Martin. A few days later, Bruno decided to talk with Maria about the ridiculous children and this terrible house.

In the evening, someone knocked on the door. It was a polite knock, it was Maria. “ Come in! “, Bruno gave permission. “I need to clean the floor. Can I turn off the fan? “ “ Okay, sure! Please turn on the air conditioner.” Bruno spoke kindly. He knew this was the right time to speak. He was sure Maria would understand. Maria switched off the fans and turned on the air conditioner, and started to vacuum. Bruno started, “ Maria? Don’t you want to go back to Berlin? You are just staying here for your sake. You don’t feel comfortable here right?” Bruno wanted Maria to accept with him. But she didn’t.

“ Of Course not. I just be wherever your parents tell me to be. Well, Bruno, are you still not settled here yet? I feel this house is very pleasant and nice” Maria answered. Bruno didn’t accept this. He burst into angriness and shouted “ No! How can this house be a pleasant house? How? How will it be a good house with weird children wearing the same clothes and laughing, far away? Berlin was better! Totally better.” he knew he wasn’t supposed to shout at anyone. He felt a little guilt inside him. There was a moment of silence. Maria stared at Bruno, and Bruno was about to burst out into tears. Suddenly someone banged the door open. “ Bruno! What was that noise?” It was Gretel. “ i couldn’t even concentrate…” Gretel saw Bruno’s eyes, the tears were floating. She knew it was not the right time to shout at him.

She went near Bruno and sat on the bed next to him. Maria left the room, to give some personal space. “ Hey, you okay?” asked Maria. “ the kid. He disturbs me. What is he doing?” “ You saw him too? I know, he is pretty weird. He doesn’t even sleep. “ answered Maria. “ What are they doing in there? Is it a jail? Are they locked in there? Questioned Bruno with curiosity. “ I think so, or they just live there. ” But, why are they dirty, wearing the same clothes and why aren’t they moving around? Bruno moved on. “ They are just poor Bruno, and it’s their home. But, I don’t know why they are all wearing the same dress. Especially that kid. Why doesn’t he sleep? He always walks around like he is thinking something seriously.” Answered Maria by doubting herself.

“ Okay, time to eat Bruno, let’s go. “ Maria left expecting Bruno to join her. Bruno followed her downstairs and had dinner. Bruno couldn’t stop thinking about the people who live there. And especially that kid. That kid who used to stare at bruno sometimes. The kid who doesn’t sleep. He was weird, but he did look upset and pitiful. The kid’s face would strike through Bruno’s head every minute. The kid was bald, a little fair, short and dirty.

Bruno went to bed. But he didn’t sleep. He wanted to know more about the people, about the kid. It was 9:30 at night. He should have been asleep by now, according to the rules. But he couldn’t. Suddenly someone opened Bruno’s door slightly. Bruno jerked and tried looking for who it was. Someone peeped in. It was Maria. She came in slowly and checked if Bruno was sleeping. She came closer and realised Bruno wasn’t asleep yet. “ Why aren’t you asleep? “ “ . I was going to sleep, but you freaked me out for a second. “ Bruno lied even though it was against the rules. He didn’t want to make Maria upset by knowing that Bruno was still thinking about the kid.

“Bruno, you are just thinking about unnecessary things now. If you are talking about the people far away, they are just poor people. Don’t think too far” said Maria “ but, why are they dressed the same? “ asked Bruno. Maria took a deep breath and answered, “ Bruno, please don’t complicate it. They are locked in there. That’s all!” “ So are they in jail?” Bruno asked out of curiosity. “ Yes, they are trapped but in an open space. They all are under control. Bruno, your mother might come anytime, so now please go to sleep”

“ Wait! Why are they even trapped? If they are trapped, then why don’t anyone go help them?” questioned Bruno. “ Ahhh too many questions Bruno. Now, it’s time to sleep. Like I told you, they are trapped because they are under control”
Bruno thought for a while “ And why doesn’t anybody help them?” Maria totally lost it, she went back to the door like she was going to leave “ Please no more questions. I came here to make sure you were asleep, not answer questions. Come on, close your eyes. Good night! “ Maria left with a smile.
‘ why doesn’t anyone want to help them?’ wondered Bruno