Dowry system

In ancient time parents used to give some important things to his daughter at the time of marriage for their future use. At that time it is called as a gift. But after passing some years this gift system changes. At that time parents gave these thing with their own happiness but now the situation is completely changed. Now the groom’s father directly asked the girl’s father to gave the thing. This custom have turned into malpractices.

This system destroyed the whole society. Society in which the birth of girl called them that Laxmi is birth in our house but now when the girl birth the family started thinking about her marriage not only the family the whole society started talking about. If a girl born in poor family then our society started to talking that how they marriage their daughter they never thought that only few hours passed to get the birth of that child.

If the parents are not able to pay the money to groom’s family then the girl is harasses the whole life by the groom’s family. The girl’s parents saving the money from the birth of the girl. The reason behind them is that if they not full fill the condition of groom’s patients then her daughter never be happy. They do all this thing only for her daughter happiness. Even doing all these things their daughter not live happily in his law house. Sometimes if parents are not capable to complete the all conditions at the time of marriage then they get insulted between the whole society and their daughter is tauchered. Some times the girl take wrong decision or some times the groom’s family do wrong thing with the girl.

The boy who earned more money they are more cleaver. In our society boys are sailer. The boy is more educated her price is more.

Some laws are made against this system but none of them is followed by the people some action is taken against this and this is very useful. It save the life of girl not completely but around 25 % it save the life of girl.

Dowry is not a good thing because it take someone’s life.

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