How to boost your self-esteem?

Self-esteem is basically the overall opinion about yourself, how you feel about yourself which includes your abilities and limitations. Everyone lack confidence at some point of time in different situations which is temporary but having low self-esteem leads to unsatisfied and unhappy with themselves for most of the time. Generally people who are having low self-esteem are:-

  • Critical about their own personality
  • Ignores their positive qualities or aspects
  • Uses negative or cuss words to describe themselves
  • While having self-talk with themselves, they are always negative or self-blaming.
  • Doesn’t believe if someone compliments them.
  • When things go wrong they always blame themselves for the failure instead of considering other things in account such as actions of other Individual or some crisis externally.

With these things in low self-esteem person, it reduces the quality of life which often leads to:-

Fear of Trying – The person who has low self-esteem will always doubt themselves in terms of their abilities, worth and challenges to experience something new in their life.

Fear of getting judged – People with low self-esteem may avoid the social gathering or some activity based on a group of people, just because they are afraid of being judged on negative basis.

Self-care – People with low self-esteem lacks in taking care of their self as they neglect themselves.

Negativity – Person with low self-esteem constantly abuses or neglects themselves which leads to attracting negative feeling which eventually causes anxiety, sadness, depression, shame or guilt.

Self-harming behaviors – Person with low self-esteem always puts themselves in a situations where they are at increased risk of harming themselves. For e.g. – Drug abuse, eating disorder or suicide.

There are many causes of low self-esteem like unhappy childhood, relationship break ups, low performance in academics, ongoing medical problem or Mental illness. But there are simple ways to boost your self-esteem and that are:-

Record your story

recording your life story is a fun and therapeutic strategy that countless people have used not only does it help you remember what you love about yourself but telling your story also motivates you to maintain that positivity in the future but it’s not just about reflection the fact that you’re writing down your story plays an important role because when you write something down you have to be clear you have to be concrete you’re forcing yourself to be specific about who you are so if you’re feeling confused your story can give you the clarity that you’re looking for.

A Point to Pride

Instead of looking back in time you can also boost your self-esteem by setting goals for the future for example, you’re an aspiring author but you’ve never actually written a book before you’ve written plenty of short stories but you’ve always been too scared to try something bigger maybe you’re worried you’re going to fail or you’re just feeling overwhelmed and you don’t have enough faith in yourself to take on the challenge how can you build the self-esteem you need to accomplish your dreams try setting something called a point of pride a point of pride is one specific goal that you accomplish in order to prove something to yourself.


You can boost your self-esteem by changing basic things like the way you speak for example you might be using self-critical language you undercut your own success you belittle your own accomplishments and you overrate the value of the people around you. The problem is you probably don’t even realize that you’re doing it it’s become almost automatic for you so how do you change something that you don’t even think about try studying the way you speak every time you undermine your own achievements go and write it down that way you can focus your attention on your harmful language and gradually change it for the better you may not notice a difference at first but over time this simple strategy you can use it to make a huge impact on your self-esteem.


One of the hardest things of building self-esteem is learning how to forgive your own mistakes you want to be perfect, you want to be respected and successful so whenever that doesn’t happen you either pretend that nothing happened or you become your own worst enemy you criticize yourself and you hold a grudge but both of these approaches have the same fundamental problem they’re focused on preserving the good you’re trying to maintain this fragile image of yourself you expect to be that perfect successful person so you react negatively every time that doesn’t happen you either ignore your mistakes or you tear yourself down and slowly but surely you chip away at your self-esteem so what should you do instead the real secret behind your self-esteem has nothing to do with preserving the good it’s about forgiving the bad you’ll spend the rest of your life making mistakes we all do there’s just no way around it so before you can believe in yourself you have to learn to live with those failures little by little you can boost your self-esteem by actively forgiving yourself each time you say something stupid or make a careless error just take a minute to acknowledge what you did wrong.

When a person is having a high self-esteem then they appreciate themselves and others too, they see the world from the positive light and also understands other people’s problem. Their relationships are loving and calm full and also they speak up calmly and tell other their opinion towards and topic freely.

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