“MOMOS” – The Capital’s Obsession!

Delhi being the National Capital always wins the race, even for the obsession of momos- Delhi is on Number 1! Delhi has a forever- kind of love for momos! Street- food is the Highlight of our culture, and momos are always the go to street food for most of the citizens out there. The love and insanity for momos has been increasing, as momos always gives us it’s different character on different seasons – be it summer, winter or rainy season, eating momos always gives us different feelings in every season! Delhites has unconditional love for momos. When it comes to food, every state has its own specialty of street food or cuisine and it holds a special place in our hearts. Be it Mumbai’s Vada Pav or Kolkata’s Kathi Roll, we always have a fond memory with each of these dishes. But then some dishes are not only our comfort food, but they are also famous for being tasty, delicious, crispy , soft and what not! And one such dish is momo. We cannot eat enough of momos, be it steamed momos or fried momos, our love for momo is completely different. Evening is always the time for 1 plate momos be it the chicken one or the veg one, momos holds a precious place in our hearts when it comes to evening snacks! Trust me, the mouth watering taste of momos served with spicy chutney is all you need on a bad day! Momos are dumplings native to Tibet and Nepal. Traditionally, momo is prepared with minced meat filling, but now, one can find number of variations. If you enjoy momos and are thinking about going to the nearest momo joint to hog on some, you should certainly visit these places in Delhi to eat some unforgettable momos!


Place: Dilli haat, Sri Aurobindo marg, Kidwai nagar.

Dilli haat is the place where you can get each and every type of dishes and cuisines from different states. Every state has its own Cafe with its own food specialty of the state! Dilli haat is the place where you can get the feeling of eating typical Darjeeling chicken momos with the soup while literally sitting in New Delhi, you’ll literally feel that you are enjoying the chilly evenings in Darjeeling and are eating hot and spicy chicken Darjeeling momos in order to warm yourself and to enjoy the thin yet soft outer layering of the momos, with the juicy filling of chicken inside, and of course with the spicy yet sweet chutney that will surely make you cry!
There are several momo joints such as ‘Nagaland Old’, ‘Sikkim Tourism Tashi Delek Food Stall’, ‘Manipur Food Stall’ and others that sell mouth-watering momos.  


How can someone lives in Delhi and haven’t ate momos from Dolma aunty?? Haha, it’s surely not possible at all! Dolma aunty Momos, The first ever momos stall in Delhi, dolma aunty momos is mainly known for its Chicken & Veg momos which are worth the taste! These are the cheapest yet the tastiest momos you’ll ever get in Delhi. The ambience here isn’t so well, but as dolma aunty momos is located in Lajpat Nagar 2, the famous south Delhi market of Delhi, you can shop here! Dolma aunty still has maintained its taste since the day she started selling the momos for the first time. The taste has become more prominent and delicious. Since so many years of working, dolma aunty has opened 2 stalls- one in the most famous -Kamla Nagar market in north Delhi, and the second is in Janpath, CP.


Place: Chinky momos, Depauls, Janpath

Janpath, the most famous market known for cheap yet bomb clothes for girls located in the centre of Connaught Place. Depauls in Janpath is the most crowded place, people even stand in a queue to order for their momos. It’s is also known for the cheap yet tastiest momos ever. People here literally come, not to buy clothes from Janpath but to eat momos from depauls!Along with momos you can also buy the most famous cold coffee of delhi from depauls which serves in various flavours!


India’s first ever healthiest momos, you all will wonder that momos? And healthy?! Ofcourse, Brown sugar sells momos made up of wheat! Yes, you’ve heard it right , it’s WHEAT. And don’t you dare to think that momos made up of wheat will be in a very thick structure, no not at all! Wheat momos here are served with thin outer layer made up of wheat, which is healthy and the spicy serving is not like the common red- spicy one, brown sugar provides the spiciest chutney made with sesame seeds and green chillies! These wheat momos are worth to taste , different from others yet the best momos ever! The range of brown sugar momos lies from Rs 120 – Rs 340.

5. QDs

Place: QDs , Any outlet in Delhi.

If you visit QDs then you’ll notice that a hot and famous selling item here, that you will spot on every table is their signature Tandoori Momo. This is why they always place a bottle of mint chutney along with the red chilly garlic chutney on every table that serve as the best accompaniments to Tandoori Momos. Their momos are quite big in size and loaded with a spicy masala. Their chutney will bring tears from your eyes for sure!!

I’m sure you’ve loved reading this, now make a plan to visit all these places and eat different types of momos!! All the momos freak, go grab your plates, and don’t forget to take a water bottle to calm yourself after eating the juicy momos with the spiciest chutney!!!


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